Leather or Cloth Seats - Which is Better for Dogs
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Leather or Cloth Seats - Which is Better for Dogs

Posted on July 06 2017

Cloth or leather? What material is best for your dog? In this article we'll discuss the pros and cons and a better alternative for both. 


Cloth Seats

Cloth seats are the common seat material there is in a car. If your car is not of those luxury types, you probably have a cloth seat. The biggest advantage of a cloth seat is it is resistant to temperature changes. Leave a leather seat for long in a cold or hot weather can instantly turn the seat extremely hot or freezing cold. You and your dog won't enjoy a ride with that kind of seat.

Cloth seats are cheap - and being cheap has a price. You cannot let your furry friend ride in the car without ensuring that the seats are protected first. When you leave it unprotected, cleaning your dog stains is a tough job. Moreover, that dog smell just stays in there even if your dog hasn't been riding with you for months. Sure you would love that smell, but what about your human passengers? As cloth is porous urine, vomit and other accidents will soak its way through the cushions. The smell will never leave your car.


Leather Seats

Leather Seats Car

Leather may probably the best car seat for dogs as it is durable and quick to clean. Simply A dog's fur has a tendency to weave itself under cloth seats which can be difficult to remove. A dog's drools, mud, or even water can easily be absorbed in a cloth seat, therefore staining it. A leather seat can easily avoid these as it is much less porous. You can wipe it off easily with just a warm, damp cloth.

The problem with leather is that they are expensive - especially genuine leather. Being expensive means that you undoubtedly need to escort your furry friend when you put them in your car. An untrimmed nail, for example, can easily poke a hole through the seats particularly those fabricated ones.

If your family member has trouble with allergies, consider a leather seat. Pet dander, and other allergens can simply settle into the cloth fabric. Whereas in leather you can simply wipe them clean or vacuum them. Of course leather can still harbor allergens, but leather has a more suitable way of reducing allergens in car.

Judging by these facts, it's safe to conclude that leather is the best choice for a car seat for your dog. Too bad if your car seat is cloth as you're either stuck with it or re-upholster to leather which could cost around $500 for the entire seat.

But before you splurge your money in converting to leather, we have a better option for you - Car Pet Seat Cover.

A car pet seat cover protect your seat from vomit, spills, pet dander and other accidents that can come to pass in your car seat. It's the only method to avoid those countless bills trying to dispose of dirt, smell and stain off your seats - cloth or leather. The waterproof backing keeps liquids away from the seat. It's the only way to keep your seats in pristine condition just as it was in day one.

But do not just settle any pet seat cover. Our pet seat cover offers the best fit and protection without compromising the price.

Ready to use - Each of our product comes with back straps to secure it and a dog harness worth $20.

Padded and Quilted - Offers not just padding and comfort for your furry friend, but also an added layer of protection. These beats towel, cloth or plastic you have around as a seat cover.

Ease of installation - Our pet seat cover offers a variety of sizes that can fit even the smallest or the biggest of cars. Installation is only a few seconds as the elastic fabric hugs your car seat providing a snug fit. The non-slip backing ensures that the cover won't slip.

Lifespan Warranty - If in any way you're not satisfied with our car pet seat cover, feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives will be glad to assist you.



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