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Is this product safe for use on leather seats? 

Yes it is safe on both Leather and upholstery Seats.  

Does it cover the back of the front seats? 

Yes, it does cover the back of the front seat just as shown in the picture. It is quilted, durable and well constructed. 

Is the seat Cover large enough to cover the back seat of a crew cab? 

The width is 55inch - That is from one end of the door to the other. 

We recommend you measure your car seats 
We also offer XL Size which fits most trucks and suv 

Can the cover be easily vacuumed? 

Yes it can be vacuumed 

Will this work with bucket seats? 

The seat cover is made for bench seat.  

We do offer the bucket seat covers separately 

What are the dimensions of this product and its packaging when shipped out? 

Regular Size: 

Actual dimensions of the seat cover  

55 inch wide (from door to door) x 58 inch length. 
The actual package dimensions are : 15" x 4" x 12" 
The shipping packaging dimensions are : 16" x 6" x 12"  


Extra Large 

66inch wide (from door to door) x 66inch length 


My dog’s harnesses clip into the seatbelt receptacle. Does this hammock have openings for this? 

Yes the cover has opening for the seat belt receptacles. 

Do these have the clear silicon backing or should I get the camo ones? 

All our seat covers have clear silicon. 
If the black seat cover is your preference, you can go ahead and purchase it. The backing is clear silicon. 

Do the seat belt straps really work with two dogs and how do you prevent them from getting tangled together and still give them room to move around? 

We offer two harnesses and two seat belts. The seat belts are adjustable. 

Can you use this on only 3/4 of the seat? My child’s car seat is in the back seat, but I’d like to cover the rest for the dogs. 

Your child’s car seat can sit on top of the cover and still be secured through the Velcro seat belt openings. 

Do the "regular" and "extra large" options refer to the cover or the harnesses? 

We offer the two different size of harness in one package in order to meet most demands. There is one Regular size harness fits 15-60 pound dogs and one XL harness fits 60-100 pound dogs. 

It says waterproof. Is that just the bottom layer? 

The seat cover is made of waterproof materials and the bottom part has non-skid. It is able to hold liquids for a period of time. 

Does this seat cover have side panels that extend over the seat edge? 

If you are referring to side flaps, then Yes. We recently upgraded our seat covers.  

Does this come with protection for the doors? 

No. It does not come with any door covers. We offer the seat cover, 2 harnesses and 2 seat belts. 

What are the  color  choices?  

We have Black, Grey, Tan, Military and Navy Camouflage 

Can I still latch my child's car seat into the cars latch system, so that it is locked into the seat? Or can I only use the seatbelt? 

You will have full access to the seatbelt and buckle. 

Is the harness removable? 

Yes, the harnesses are removable. 

After this product is installed will I still have full access to using the vehicle's seat belts? In other words, are there holes for seat belts? 

Yes there are Velcro openings for the seat belts. 

Are both of your products hammocks? 

Yes all our products are hammock convertible. 

Will my dog slide around on the fabric? 

No, it is not slippery. 

Can the dog and the kids ride in the car at the same time? 

Yes, the Dog and Kids can ride at the same time. The size of the car is also important. 

Are the straps elastic? 

Yes, the straps are elastic, ensuring the fit is snug and tight in all sizes of backseat. 

Is this seat cover well-padded? 

Yes, well-padded and quilted padded polyester material.  

Is this convenient for dogs? 

Yes, this keeps your dog in place to sit, play or stand freely unlike the restrictions of a pet cage or carrier. 


Do you have any questions?

Email us @plushpawsproducts@gmail.com

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