If you have questions about Plush Paws Products, its products and services then you came to the right place.


Q: When is my order shipped?

A: Most orders are processed same day and in all cases within 24 hours. If the order is placed after 2pm Eastern time, it will be shipped the next business day.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: Orders are shipped via UPS Ground Service and will be delivered in 2-3 working days to most addresses in in the continental United States.  Additional delivery time may be needed for some addresses.

Q: How can I track my order?

A: Once the order is confirmed, an email will be sent to you which contains the product you ordered along with a tracking number.

Q: Where is my package?

A: Simply use the tracking number provided to get  updates on the location of your order.

Q: How do I enter my voucher/discount code?

A: At checkout there's a form below to enter the coupon code.

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Florida.  Please note that Free Shipping only applies to the continental United States.  Alaska, Hawaii and international orders will incur a shipping charge.

Q: How can I change my order after it's being placed?

A: If you created an account on checkout then you can easily cancel it on your account. If  you ordered as a guest, please respond to the confirmation email and cancel your order.

Q: How can I return/refund my order

A: For refunds, simply go to the our Contact Us Page or email us directly at admin@plushpawsproducts.com

Q: What are the washing/care instructions?

A: Machine Washable (newer High Efficiency (HE) models only - non-agitating).  Older style washers with a center agitator will damage the product should not be used.

  • Gentle Setting
  • Cole Temp
  • Low Spin
  • Light Soil Level
  • Hang to air dry only - do not dry in machine
  • Or you can hose off and hang to air dry

Or you can hose off and hang to air dry

You can use a lint roller to remove hair and wet wipes to remove pet dander food spills and dirt.


For questions not in the list or other concerns, please proceed to the Contact Us page. Thank you!