Dog Vitamin and Multi Mineral Supplement

Contains glucosamine chondroitin for strong bones, arthritis, MSM for joint health benefits, Fish oil helps with inflammation that causes condition of heart, kidney, skin, Choline for seizures 

Formulated with an Extensive Blend of Complete Vitamins and Minerals to Support Hip, Joint, Eyes, Skin, Coat, Teeth, Inflammation, Brain Health, Immune System, Anti-oxidant PLUS More for Dog

With Real Dried Beef Liver Flavor

It is crucial dog has the vital vitamins and minerals in their diet.

The right quantities and levels of minerals and vitamins prevent ailments and diseases associated with lack of proper nutrition, aging, genetics and lifestyle

Daily Dosage:

Small Dogs up to 24lbs – ½ tab

Medium Dogs 25-50lbs – 1tab

Large Dogs 51-80lbs – 1.5-2lbs tabs

Extra Large Dogs 81lbs and over – 2-2.5lbs tabs



Each Tablet Contains:

Chondroitin                            400mg

Glucosamine                          350mg

MSM                                        150mg

Fish Oil Powder                      75mg

Choline                                    50mg

Turmeric Root Extract           10mg

Niacin                                      8mg

Vitamin B6                              1.5mg

Calcium-D                              1mg

Thiamine                                1mg

Riboflavin                               1mg

Vitamin A                                1,000 IU

Folic Acid                                60mcg

Biotin                                       8 mcg

Vitamin D                                150 IU

Vitamin B12                            2mcg


Anti-inflammatory antioxidant antibacterial anti-fungal

It can help heal wounds faster and contains anti-cancer properties

Increases antioxidant capacity

Brain health

Heart disease

Prevents Cancer

Fight depression






Brain Health

Heart Disease

Joint Health Benefits


Blocks Pain impulses through nerve fiber

Blocks inflammation - enhances the natural anti-inflammation. Hormone produced by the body

At powerful antioxidants – excellent for adults with neurologic problems


The body flashes waste sales on at cellular scale

Able to dissolve the harmful toxin floating around inside your dogs body

Cleanses the dogs and entire system and allows new nutrients to take their

place and function better

And natural pain reliever

Enhancer of supplements




Slows the growth of cancer


Prevents clinical signs of cognitive disorder in older dogs may help some pets with urinary incontinence and seizures