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Customers Review - What Our Fans Are Saying - Plush Paws Products

Plush Paws Products is the best pet car seat cover out there! Don't believe us? Our customers will do the talking for you.

"Just received the product and my initial impressions are:
Love it! The best car seat protector I've used.
Protects the black interior of my car against pet hair, mud, grime, etc.
However, what I do like to add is that the pet seat cover should have velcro straps instead of loops, so I can easily attach and detach it to the seat."

-- Ronald A. Brooks

"Fits perfectly in our 4x4. This pet car seat cover not only looks great, but keeps dirt and fur out of our leather seats.
What I like about this seat cover is that it slides in and out of our seats easily. It's way beter than using towels because towels tnd to slide down and fall of. This means that I always have to fix this while driving which gets very annoying especially on longer drives.
I love the hammock feature because it prevents the dog from stepping on anything that we leave behind the seats. I can slide my clothes back there and won't worry about my dog stepping on it."

-- James E. Therrien

"The seat cover hammock is very well made. I can see right away that this seat cover will be serving our family for years to come.
Just a few things to consider:
Go for larger sizes if you prefer full coverage and a smaller one if you would like a tighter fit.
If you have a heavy dog, also take this in consideration."

-- Cheryl P.

"So far I really like this cover, the regular size fits perfectly in my Volvo. The design is really genius compared to the one I used to have which couldn't really be anchored as well, wasn't non-slip or padded. This cover has all of that. I only wish the cover were more adjustable where it attaches to the back headrests, so that it would cover the top 2 inches of the seats, but its pretty good nonetheless. The side flaps on this are also a really smart feature. Good price, highly recommended."

-- William V.

"Super fast, easy install and protects my seats from my 50lbs shepherd's claws. He can still jump to the front via the center console, so that's my only critique -- but I guess there's no way to build a bar system between driver seat and passenger seat. That's where training comes in ... of course, one could use the harness system to restrain the dog to a seat belt, so there's that. The harnesses that come with it are free and work well, but they're really ridged and maybe not so comfortable for the dog. That said, safety first, right?"

-- Kristina R.

"I absolutely recommend you get this. I loved it from the beginning, so easy to put in and looks nice. It fits both my car and my husbands truck. The dog loves it too. I feel it safer for him strapped in and safer for the driving. It is waterproof b/c our puppy tinkled on it and was an easy wipe with napkins. lifetime investment, wise investment."

-- Paul Anders

"Much better than the old sheet I had been using! It stays put even though there is a large Lab and a beagle running back and forth on it. i keep it on all the time, just run a quick vacuum over it in between "car rides" with the doggies."

-- Jerrold W.

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