Plush Paws Dog Car Seat Waterproof Cover for Small Cars
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Plush Paws Products

Plush Paws Dog Car Seat Waterproof Cover for Small Cars

$ 50.00 USD $ 129.99 USD

Plush Paws Dog Car Seat Waterproof Cover for Small Cars


PATENT PENDING - Image shown is a Regular Sized cargo liner in a Chevy Cruze. This size is recommended for small and compact cars

CUSTOM MADE - Made for full size trucks, but also compatible with most cars and SUVS. Bench Seat 60”L x 50” W  with full fitted elastic skirt, side flaps and non-slip silicone backing. Please measure your bench seat before making a purchase. 

CENTER CONSOLE - Have full access to your vehicle's center console, your car's seatbelt, cup holder, child latch, etc. It is as if our cargo liners are fully integrated to your car. 

PADDED and QUILTED - Luxury meets practicality as it not only works as a seat cover, but a carrier and barrier as well. Keeps your car's interior in good shape years down the line. It gives dogs and kids plenty of plush treatment - so you can stay focused while driving. Thanks to it's high quality material, you can also use it for conveying goods in your car. 

Best fit for cars, trucks, and SUVs with reinforced adjustable head straps. It comes with side buckles for added security.  

STRAPS - Polyester/Nylon 5 Panel Seat belt webbing

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  • Reinforced Pressure Points
  • Quick Release Buckles (for Heavy Duty)
  • Width 50" X Length 60"
  • Access to Seat Belts receptacle and Child Latch Compatible
  • Fitted Elastic Skirt
  • Side Flaps

Details & Benefits
  • Silicon Backing - Silicon is the best material for non-slip. Does not budge – better than rubber backing
  • Diamond stitching with Heavy Duty Polyester quilted fabric
  • Distinctive Drop-Plastic Non-Slip fabric with seat anchors
  • Leather and Upholstery Compatible
  • FITTED ELASTIC SKIRT and Side Flaps for overall clean and hygienic look in your car
  • Optional Hammock Removable
  • Install in seconds.
Premium quality – Nonporous Materials
  • Machine washable, Hose able, vacuum use wipes or use lint roller
  • Non-Porous Materials Triple Layered – Heavy duty withstands claws, waste, liquids, food crumbs, fur and damage. PU Waterproof, gsm Cotton, 190T Polyester
  • Made with no PVC or OZONE-depleting substances.
Lifetime Warranty