14 Cool Facts About Corgis

14 Cool Facts About Corgis

Are you looking for some fun facts about corgis? Well, you've come to the right place! Take a look at this huge list of cool corgi facts!

Whether you're a corgi owner or not, you can't deny their cuteness! From their tiny legs to their interesting history, there's lots to learn about this adorable breed of dog. Check out our favorite corgi facts!

14 of the Coolest Corgi Facts 

  1. Corgi, a.k.a. "Dwarf Dog" - In Welsh, “cor” means “dwarf” while “gi” is a form of the word “dog,” so their name literally translates to "dwarf dog," Fitting name, isn't it?
  1. The Dog, the Myth, the Legend - As far as fun facts about corgis go, this one might just be the most wholesome! Legend has it that fairies and elves once used corgis to pull their coaches and act as fairy cattle herders. According to Rover, the legend states that "The fair folk would use them as mounts, literally riding herd on these herders, making them truly enchanting." 
  1. Corgis are Herders - Believe it or not, corgis are actually hard-working herding dogs, and they are the smallest breed in the herding group. Originally bred to work with cattle, they worked to keep them moving by nipping at their hooves. Their small stature worked to their advantage in this position, giving them agility and a low center of gravity so they could work around large animals without being trampled.
  1. The Queen Of England Loves a Good Corgi (or 30!) - Queen Elizabeth II has been a big fan of corgis since her parents, when her father, King George VI, gifted her her first corgi when she was just seven years old in 1933. Since then, she has owned about 30 corgis in her lifetime. In 2015, she made a point to stop breeding them to ensure there would be none left behind when she passes. Her corgis have also bred with Princess Margeret's dachshund's, making dorgis! Two dorgis, named Vulcan and Candy, still live with The Queen today. 
  1. There are Two breeds of Corgi Dogs - Many might not know that there are two different breeds of corgis, the Pembroke welsh and the cardigan welsh. The main noticeable differences between the two breeds are the size and the tail. Cardigans are slightly larger and have a fox-like tail, whereas the Pembroke is a bit smaller and will typically have its tail docked close to its body. According to the American Kennel Club, the cardigan breed has more varied colors. "They come in brindle, black and white with brindle or tan points, red and sable with white markings, and blue merle. The only coat colors for the Pembroke are red, sable, and tricolor with white markings."
  1. Corgis are Notoriously Cuddly - These little fluffy bundles of joy are known to be extremely affectionate dogs and love themselves some cuddles. Of course, these are highly observant dogs, so if they belong to owners who aren't naturally affectionate with others, the corgi might not be affectionate either. 
  1. Corgis Love Making Friends - Corgis are known to be very sociable with other dogs, other animals, and humans. Many corgi owners will testify that they make the best family pets due to their gentle and loving nature. 
  1. Corgi Beach Day Is a Real Thing - There's no doubt about it; corgi owners love a good meet-up, and if you and your corgi friend live in Southern California, where's a better place to meet than the beach? Typically held at Huntington Beach, dozens, if not hundreds of corgi owners bring their dogs out for a day of fun in the sun. So Cal Corgi Nation usually puts on three events a year, two of which are beach days, one in fall and one in the spring. The next one will be on October 30, 2021. 
  1. Those Tiny Legs Pack a Punch - Since corgis are herding dogs, they have to be quick or faster than the cattle and sheep they herd. So even with those small dwarfed legs, this breed is surprisingly fast!
  1. Despite Their Short Legs, Corgis Love to Swim - Speaking of interesting facts about corgis—did you know they're pretty good swimmers? Their body shape allows them to float reasonably well, so if you love swimming, a corgi might just be the pup for you. 
  1. Corgis Have a Double Coat and Low Maintenance Hair - Corgis do tend to shed, that's no hidden fact, but it's also important to know that corgis have a double coat which means that they have a harsh topcoat and a soft undercoat that grow independently of one another and to different lengths. Their fur is fairly low maintenance, so you don't have to worry about brushing them out all the time, although that can help with the shedding. The most important takeaway is that you should never shave a double-coated dog, as it could change their hair's texture and natural growth pattern. 
  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgis Make Great Competitors - While both types of corgis are highly trainable, the Pembroke welsh corgi is the kind of corgi you would most traditionally see in a dog show. They will typically compete in obedience, agility, and herding competitions. While a corgi has never won best in show at the renowned Westminster Dog Show, you'll still see them featured almost every year. 
  1. Corgi Butts Are 80% Air - This one just might be the top of the funny and adorable scale when it comes to fun facts about corgis! Corgis quite literally have a "bubble butt" because their back end is actually mostly hollow. Unlike most mammals whose behinds are typically made of dense muscle fibers, corgis have built-in floatation devices in their own behinds! That's not to say we recommend ever leaving your furry friend alone around water, even if their butt will help them stay up. 
  1. Rufus, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Used to be the Face of Amazon - The owner of Rufus, Eric, was one of the earliest software developers for Amazon and back in the early days. In 1996, Eric would bring his corgi to work with him, and Rufus would accompany him to meetings and be his loyal companion throughout the workday. 

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