About Us

Plush Paws Products®

Plush Paws Products® is a brand of Spark Prodigy LLC.

Quality and Value motivates Plush Paws Products®. The market is saturated with poor quality automotive pet products, We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products at the most affordable price while providing great customer experience with Customer Satisfaction our #1 focus.

We are located in Cordova TN and have been in business since February 2015.

We are a Team of eight

Karen, Our top customer care representative and a fashionista, PK who handles all Legal matters, Matthew the Go-to-guy and Charly our CFO. We make a fantastic team. Our individual and unique characteristics allows us to compliment each other and brings out the best in us all.

We have different dogs. They also have their own personalities.

A Bichon Frise called Spark for Karen, a Lab called Whisky for Matthew, a Pug called Mugg for PK and Charly whose dog is a Great Dane (No. 1 tester for our seat covers) We are a team of 8 in all. You experience our passion and love for work and each other when you walk through our doors.


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888 847 6161