Preparing Your Pet for The Autumn Season

Preparing Your Pet for The Autumn Season

Many of us love this time of the year. Who wouldn't? The cold fall breeze that takes away the heat of the summer, the sight of leaves in amber, brown and yellow, and the scent of the season that tells you that this is the season everyone's been waiting for.

Not everyone, exactly. You see, fall is also the season that your dog could be having a rough time. That is why you need to prepare for this season and keep your furry friend happy as the weather gets chilly.

Fatten Up For The Cold

A little fat might help your pet dog in adopting to the cold. When it's cold outside, your pet's body needs more energy to stay warm. Increasing the amount of food to eat can help him stay warmer; however be sure to consult this to your veterinarian first.

This wouldn't be a problem as this season has two of the biggest food holidays coming up - Thanksgiving and Halloween.


With the shortened days, it is very likely that you'll be walking with your dog in the evening or any time of the day. Fall also means that you have to deal with the weather like the rain or even those occasional snows so taking them outdoors won't be a good idea.

For your dog's exercise simply have them go for a walk on a treadmill or setup an agility or endurance course indoors.

It's ok to take your dog outside for a walk, but keep an eye for sudden weather changes. If it rains or starts snowing, move your pet indoors immediately.


It is important for us to remember that as the weather changes, so is our dog's grooming needs. This season can be tough for our furry friends specially if you don't groom them right. Fall is the best time to prepare your dog's coat for the coming winter.

If your dog is a has a lot of furs, now is the time for your pet's last clipping of the year. Allow it to grow and be full just in time for winter.

Don't forget that brushing is still an important part of your dog's grooming this season. When you brush your dog, your pet's natural oils are released from the skin and through the hair. This natural coating keeps the fur protected and ensures that it will not shave in the middle of the winter.

Autumn Hazards

There are many hazards that your pet will experience during the autumn season and one of which is the abundance of food. Yes, with the holidays coming up, there are many foods for the holidays that aren't just meant for your pet - chocolate is one of those. Don't let them eat turkey bones as well as it could cause choking hazard to your furry friend.

Allergies are very common this season. The elemental tumult of fall like the dryness, moisture, dying plant life, etc stirs up the allergens and irritants of not just your pet, but people as well. How your dog is able to manage allergies depends on his/her diet, degree of exposure, the medications you've given, and the underlying disease the compromise the immune system of your pet. Ensure that your dog is prepared for autumn allergens by consulting a veterinarian about it.

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