15 Cool Halloween Costumes Your Dog Will Love

Dressing up for Halloween? It's Halloween for your pets too. There are plenty of ways to dress up your dog and make them look cute and scary at the same time. Here's some of the best costumes that are just too cute and cuddly to be worn only on Halloween. 


pumpkin Halloween costume

Here's a quick Halloween costume for you. A pumpkin! 


chewbacca dog Halloween costume



ewoks dog halloween costume

Very fearsome warriors despite their size. 

The Dynamic Duo

batman and robin dog Halloween costume

"Holy Halloween!"

The Superfriends

batman superman wonderwoman dog Halloween costume

Woof.. woof.. and away!

Hermoine Houndger

hermoine granger dog Halloween costume

"Wingardium Leviosa!"


ernie dog Halloween costume

"Earnie says: dog me up!"

Mario and Luigi

mario luigi dog Halloween costume

The Hipster Dog

hipster dog Halloween costume

He had this costume before it was cool. 

The Pope

the pope dog Halloween costume

Blessed art thou.

Police Dog

police dog Halloween costume

So cute that you want to be caught by him. 

Fire Dog

fire dog dog Halloween costume

Woof with the Wind

woof with the wind

Panda Dog

panda dog Halloween costume

Chowchow dressed up as a panda. 


tiger dog Halloween costume

Golden retriever painted with tiger stripes.

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