Best Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

Best Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

Some people understandably don’t like Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay! But sharing this day with your dog can make it special. 

After all, our dogs are our best friends and the most loyal companion we’ll ever have. This day is all about love and friendship, right? As a devoted pup parent, you’re likely already in search of ways to make this day extra special for them. You won’t be able to take out your dog for a special dinner-for-two, but you can still make this holiday one to remember. 

Do people really celebrate this day with their pet though? The results will shock you!

Dog Parents Take Valentine’s Day Very Seriously

Dog Parents Take Valentine’s Day Very Seriously


The idea of spoiling your pup during this special day may sound outlandish, but Americans collectively spent $751.3 million on gifts for their fur babies last year, according to finder. You may not believe this number, but statistics don’t lie. Approximately 27.6 million households showered their fur babies with gifts last year, which is roughly 11% of all households in the U.S. The average household in the U.S. spends $17.37 on their dog for Valentine’s Day. 

As you can see, people around the country are showering their dogs with love. Stay tuned to discover four easy ways to show your dog you love them on this wholesome day!


1. Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Dinner Together

It’s worth putting in the effort to cook a (pup-friendly) homemade dinner, especially because you don’t get to share these precious moments with your fur baby each day. If you decide to cook yourself a nice steak for Valentine’s Day, you can treat your dog to a small piece. Just make sure you do your research because it’s important to follow the proper safety protocols so that your pooch stays healthy! 

If you want to stay on the safe side, you can get your pooch their own special dog food and eat together. 


2. Snuggle up and Watch a Movie Together

Sadly, our pets can’t understand those corny one-liners that characters always drop in romantic movies; however, that doesn’t mean your furry friend has to miss out! One of the best things you can do for you and your dog’s mental health is spend quality time together. Turn on your favorite rom-com and enjoy the loveliest evening with your pooch. 


3. Give Your Dog a Massage

We can all use a little relaxation time, and yes, that includes your dog, too! Believe it or not, our four-legged friends benefit from massages just like us. Although they (luckily) don’t experience the same stressors we do, dogs tend to absorb our emotions, so if you’re feeling stressed out, chances are, they may be, too. Before you massage your dog, however, it’s important to note that it’s extremely different from human massages. 

Give Your Dog a Massage


Instead of performing a deep tissue massage, stick to gentle motions that will keep your pet calm. We recommend using this dog massaging guide as a resource to give your pup the best experience possible. 


4. Donate to a Dog Shelter in Your Dog’s Name

We can’t overlook this: your dog already has the best gift they could ask for—you. Sadly, not every pooch can say the same, and many of them are still in shelters waiting for the day they can go to their furever home. You can donate to your local dog shelter under your dog’s name to give some love to those who need it most. 

Now, if you really want to splurge on your pup, you can’t go wrong with giving them a gift that will make them happy for months to come. Below are the top four dog-friendly gifts you can give them this upcoming holiday. 

Soft Blanket — Perfect for Cuddles!

Your fur baby deserves to feel soft and comfortable at all times. Getting them their very own high-quality blanket to roll over on will be an unexpected yet welcomed gift! Best of all, you won’t have to worry about getting fur all over your favorite blanket again. 

New Cozy Sweater

Does your puppy fancy themselves a fashion expert? Do you enjoy taking pics of them and posting them on social media? If so, you should get them a new, cute sweater! We know you’re good at snuggling with your pup to keep them warm, but a sweater will get the job done effortlessly. 

Special Valentine’s Day Treat Box

Since you should never give your dog chocolate, it’s worth spoiling them with a special, dog-friendly Valentine’s Day treat box. This is a healthy variation of sweet treats that will definitely make them wag their tails. However, be prepared: they won’t know which bone-shaped treat to eat first, but they’ll show their excitement with some jumping and barking! 

A New Friend (Stuffed Animal)

A New Friend (Stuffed Animal)


Do you think your pooch could use a new friend? Maybe you’re not ready to bring in another pup to the family, and that’s understandable because they can be a lot of responsibility! We recommend getting them their very own dog stuffed animal; this will provide your best friend with hours of entertainment—without the added responsibility. Bonus points if it can bark like a real dog to help your dog feel less lonely when you’re not home. They’ll want to drag their stuffed animal everywhere with them! 

Dog Car Seat Covers for Comfort

If you’re like most dog parents, chances are, you enjoy taking out your pooch for a spin. But do they ride in luxury? Plush Paws Products’ dog car seat covers can make car riding a fun, snuggly experience while simultaneously preventing dog hairs from sticking to your seats. Best of all, they’re waterproof and equipped with non-slip silicone backing to ensure they don’t slide around, keeping your fur baby safe!

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