You have been waiting for spring to come after long cold winter months and it has finally 'sprung', you can't wait to get out with Fido and finally stretch your legs and have some good old fun, if you have run out of ideas on ways to make this spring a memorable one for you and your dog, here are so many and amazingly affordable ways to enjoy this spring with your furry friend.

You can exercise or work out together, exercising with your dog is good motivation for the two of you to keep in shape and stay healthy. After staying indoors for so long during the winter this is the best time for the two of you to shed off any extra weight you may have put on during the winter.

Another fun activity is to play hide and seek, a great way to stimulate your dog's brain and to keep him active, just have a treat handy anytime he  does well to reward him. It's also a good opportunity to train your dog the basics like 'sit / stay' and also improve your dog's problem solving abilities and a good way to work out and stay in shape.

One simple and cheap way to make spring interesting for you and your dog is to simply take a walk in the woods, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and it's beautiful outside, your fido will love the beautiful sight and enjoy running around freely after being kept indoor during the winter. Whether it's just running around or playing a game of fetch whichever way your dog will appreciate the freedom of outdoors once again besides what dog doesn't like to play fetch.

Spring weather makes it ideal for camping in the outdoors, the sun is mostly out, the scenery is beautiful and there's lots of wildlife and ample space for your dog to run around. Just in case your dog is not the outdoorsy type you can practise by taking a few short walks or hiking around your area to get him/her used to outdoors and meeting new people too. Whichever way spring camping is both beneficial for you and your dog and it's a great way to stay healthy and they make great camping companions too. You can either choose a place close to you or use the opportunity to go out of town, you can find great camping destination out of town.

If a camping trip is too much work for you, another great way to enjoy the outdoors is to take a spring drive with your fido, it's another great opportunity for an outdoor fun, just put your dog in a crate or install a dog car seat cover if you have one, and take a quick road trip around in your area for about an hour, enjoy the clean spring air as it swirls on your face and in your hair, and watch the beautiful spring trees and plants from the comfort of your car as you drive by with your furry companion in the co-pilot seat or the back seat. You will never get bored.

For those who would love the feel of water during spring time, getting out on the water is one sure way for your dog to get in the water for some good old fun,most dogs love the water so going for a swim at the beach or pool is refreshing for both you and fido especially when the weather gets warm, it's fun and spontaneous and cheap too.

Try a new Dog Parks ,going to a new dog park other than the one you always go to is an option to give a try with your dog, you are bound to make both new human and dog friends there, and also have the opportunity to discover what new things that park may have to offer your dog. It's good exercise for your dog and you, especially for the very active dogs and you can also play fetch, hide and seek and even try a little "nose work" For a full list of local dog parks near you click here

Running or jogging on the Beach with your dog uses different muscles and it's a more constant and intense workout for your dog, and a great time for bonding and including your fido in your routine. Remember however to find out the rules for any beach you decide to go since most dog friendly beaches have specific requirements with regards to issues like picking up dog poop, keeping a dog on a leash e.t.c


These list of activities you can enjoy with your dog this spring is just a guide, you don't have to limit yourself to a particular activity. There are more fun activities you can incorporate in alone time with your furry friend this spring and don't forget the saying "Spring is nature's way of saying let's party" 













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