Here's Why Your Dog Should Be in a Safety Harness When Going for a Ride

Here's Why Your Dog Should Be in a Safety Harness When Going for a Ride

Just like you’d make your child wear a seatbelt, you should always strap your pup in with a safety harness. The risk of traveling by car is the same for everyone in the vehicle, and your pets are no exception. In this article, we’ll go over why you should always put your dog in a safety harness when going for a ride, as well as what to look for in the proper safety gear. 

The main reason you should make sure you strap your dog in with a harness is that an unrestrained pet can cause major distractions to the driver or become a dangerous projectile to themselves and others in the vehicle in the event of an accident. 

Unsafe Areas for Your Dog(s)

Knowing what areas you should avoid placing your dog in while driving is essential.

Your lap might be a go-to option outside of the car. While it may seem safe, having a dog on your lap can be highly distracting — and not just because you’ll want to pet them. Your dog could move around too much, blocking your view and taking your attention off the road while you try to get them to sit still. 

Another unsafe place for your dog to sit is in the passenger seat. You may want to keep your pup next to you while you drive, which puts them at tremendous risk of being injured or killed by the airbag. If you don’t have a choice — for example, if you drive a two-seat car — you should ensure that they are adequately restrained next to you. 

What Do Adaquet Restraints Look Like 

There are various types of products that you can use to restrain your pup while you travel, but this doesn’t mean they’re all safe and reliable. 

Some owners choose to tie their dog’s leash around the headrest. This may keep your pup in place and prevent them from bolting when you open the door, but it won’t keep them safe in an accident. 

A more effective way to keep your dogs safe and restrained would be by using a safety harness. However, ensure you do your research because not all harnesses are created equal. You’ll want to find a good quality safety harness that will be comfortable for your pet and reliable to keep them safe. 

The Different Types of Restraints 

As we mentioned, there are various types of restraints to choose from for your pup. Some of the most popular and reliable options include the following. 

Dog Harness Seat Belt 

These harnesses are meant to be used with your car’s seat belts. A dog harness seat belt usually includes a tether that attaches to your vehicle’s seatbelt. These harnesses are made to be significantly stronger than your pet’s usual harness, but you can still use them for walks as well. 

Most safety harnesses are ideal for dogs weighing up to 90 pounds and who don’t mind sitting still in the vehicle. 

Zipline Harness Seat Belt Tether

Zipline harnesses come as a standard dog harness but are attached to a short leash. This type of harness is ideal for pets who may need to move around a little more but prevents them from jumping to the front of the car. 

Some pets can get carsick, allowing them to still look out the window to relieve motion sickness while ensuring they can’t become a distraction. 

This harness is connected to a zipline attached to any two fixed points in the vehicle. 

Car Seat Pet Carriers

Pet carriers are best for smaller dogs. These types of restraints give your pup their own space while keeping them from moving around. A car seat pet carrier is buckled into the car seat and includes an interior tether that you can connect to a harness to keep your pet securely inside.

If you’re going to be taking your pup into a store, you can remove the carrier from your vehicle without having to take them out of it. 

Car seat pet carriers are most commonly used for pets weighing 20 pounds or less. This is a safe and reliable means to transport pups who may not like car rides and can even help ease anxiety and car sickness. 

Pet Hammocks

Pet hammocks allow for a more comfortable experience for your best friend. You should keep in mind that a hammock will only prevent your pup from jumping into the front of the vehicle, but you’ll need a separate harness to keep them restrained. 

Hammocks are an efficient way to make your dog feel more comfortable with being restrained. A bonus is that they can keep your vehicle clean and scratch-free!

Small Dog Booster Seats 

Another great way to restrain dogs who may have a hard time with car rides is by using a booster seat. These small dog booster seats are attached to the cart seat and include a tether that latches onto a safety harness to keep your pup in place. 

Some booster seats for dogs are even elevated so that your pup can still get a nice window view to help with anxiety and motion sickness. 

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