How to Make Your Dog Happy in an Apartment

How to Make Your Dog Happy in an Apartment

Living in an apartment may be easy and convenient but sharing a smaller living space with a dog presents some unique challenges. Depending on your dog’s breed, your canine roommate may need special attention to keep them content in a small space. If you plan to scale down and have a pup, you might wonder how to help your dog adapt to the change?

Here are some things you can do to make your dog happy in an apartment:

  • Choose and make your apartment dog-friendly.
  • Make your dog's corner comfortable. 
  • Keep your dog safe and healthy. 
  • Train your dog and set a routine. 
  • Prepare your dog for when you are not in the apartment. 
  • Take your dog out often.

    When you present your dog with a  change in the environment, it may unsettle them, and you need to help make the change as positive as possible. You need to be patient and ensure that you adopt routines and procedures into place to keep your furry sidekick from being stressed and anxious. Please read on to discover some of the best ways to keep your dog smiling in a smaller spot. 

    1. Choose and Make Your Apartment Dog-Friendly

    Whether you live in an apartment already or have yet to choose one, you have to make sure that the place welcomes dogs. Aside from that, you have to decide whether there will be sufficient space. 

    You should also consider the proximity of your apartment to:

    • Dog-friendly walks.
    • Dog parks.
    • Pet supply stores.
    • Veterinary clinics. 

    Be Aware of Your Chosen Apartment Restrictions on Pets

    First off, you have to make sure that your apartment allows dogs. Each apartment complex adopts its own rules on prohibiting pets. Some would consent but have restrictions - for instance, they may only allow smaller dogs. 

    If you’re already living in an apartment and planning to get a dog, make sure to check your apartment's rules and guidelines first. Meanwhile, if you have a dog and are planning to transfer to an apartment with them, make sure to choose a dog-friendly apartment that’s near parks and clinics.

    Some perks come with choosing a dog-friendly place. More often than not, other apartment owners also have their pets that may form a bond with your own. This canine company can make transitioning easier and more fun for them. 

    These people would also be more likely to understand your dog's problems or wouldn’t judge you and your pet in the hallway. 

    Also, pet-friendly apartments may end u