How To Protect a Tesla Interior From Your Dogs

How To Protect a Tesla Interior From Your Dogs

Taking your dogs along for a car ride can be a fantastic bonding experience; however, when trying to keep your Tesla's interior clean and presentable, you might want to take a few measures beforehand to ensure no accidents happen.

Luckily, the brand has taken some strides in becoming more dog friendly.

Here's how to protect a Tesla interior from your dogs:

  • Get a car harness.
  • Purchase a high-quality seat protector.
  • Add a door protector.
  • Make use of the "Dog Mode" feature.
  • Trim your dog's nails.
  • Make sure your dog feels calm and comfortable.
  • As long as you follow these simple steps, you'll be able to drive your pets around as much as you want without your vehicle showing any sign of wear and tear. In the following sections, I'll take a more in-depth look at each of these tips and how you can easily incorporate them into your routine.

    1. Get a Car Harness

    When planning your next car ride with your pup, the first accessory you'll want to think about is a car harness. They're not only necessary to keep your dog from moving around too much and making a mess, but, more importantly, they're essential in ensuring everyone's safety.

    Car harnesses serve the purpose of a seat belt for your dog, keeping them in place in case of a sudden stop. Additionally, they reduce the chances of any possible distractions that may occur when your pet jumps and moves around too much. 

    Furthermore, using a car harness will also leave your doors looking better. When your dog receives the necessary support throughout the ride, it will be far less likely to lean on or scratch the vehicle's doors.

    As you can see, finding a high-quality car harness can heavily impact the experience you share with your pet during a car ride. The accessory won't only keep you and your dog safe, but it can also help keep your Tesla better maintained and scratch-free.

    2. Purchase a High-Quality Seat Protector

    Although you might be looking for a way to maintain your Tesla's pristine aesthetic while traveling with your dog, chances are you won't be able to. No matter how well behaved your dog is, you'll always need a high-quality seat protector if you want to save yourself from going through the trouble of extensive cleanings in the future. 

    Luckily, not all seat protectors need to be clunky and unflattering, and some might even add to your car's interior design. As you'll see in the following section, it is possible to combine style and comfort when it comes to prepping your Tesla for a ride with your pup.

    Seat protectors keep your car's interior clean and damage-free. However, not all products you'll find on the market are created the same. It's not always easy to find a durable seat protector that’s soft enough, so it doesn't cause your dog any irritation or discomfort.

    Additionally, the ideal protector should be lightweight and simple to install and take off. Most importantly, it needs to be easily adjustable and easy to clean and maintain, as otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of having a protector in the first place.

    Given the oversaturation of the dog accessory market nowadays, finding a product that fits all these requirements and your budget can feel overwhelming. Luckily, I've got you covered. 

    Plush Paws Car Seat Protector

    Our Plush Paws Car Seat Protector is one of the highest-value options you'll find on today's market. It offers all the previously mentioned features and more at a fraction of what other brands require for similar products.

    With three different sizes and colors available, you'll always be able to find the option that's best suited to your Tesla model and taste. Additionally, the material is completely waterproof, making any possible messes a breeze to clean up.

    The improved Oxford fabric also offers optimal comfort for your pets through its soft and breathable design. Additionally, the materials used in making this product are all chemical-free, which makes them safe to use for even the most sensitive dogs.

    This car seat protector comes equipped with a non-slip silicone backing that gives you absolute peace of mind that your dog won't be sliding around no matter how rough the terrain you're driving on is. The heavy-duty straps that connect the protector to your car are impossible to budge by themselves and able to prevent any unwanted movement.

    However, when it comes to the installment process, you won't have to struggle at all. The connecting straps come with a quick-release button that will have you removing the accessory from your car in no time.

    The Oxford blend used on the protector offers a soft, luxurious feel that's hard to find in other durable materials. Speaking of durability, the fabric is highly resistant to tears and scratching, which is why the company offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products.

    Suppose you're worried about your Tesla's aesthetics and are looking for that extra touch of luxury. In that case, you might want to consider this velvet alternative, which can make any dog feel like royalty.

    3. Add a Door Protector

    Now that your back seats are covered, it's time to think about door protection. Although harness use can significantly reduce door scratching, it can't completely eliminate it. For this reason, it's always a good idea to invest in some extra protection for your expensive Tesla doors.

    Many dogs still prefer to climb on your door ledge even though the harness limits their mobility. As you can imagine, your pet's sharp and unclean paws aren't ideal for your vehicle's elegantly-crafted components. Luckily, high-quality door protectors are easy to find and even easier to install.

    Purchasing a separate cover for your doors might seem like overkill at first, but when you see all the scratches and dirt imprinted on the protector, you'll be glad to know that your door didn't take them instead. 

    Although high-quality door protectors are easy to obtain, finding one that also fits your budget can be a bit of a challenge. Well, I've got you covered again, as I've been able to find one of the best value options on today's market.

    Plush Paws Premium Car Door Protector - Set of Two

    This premium quality door cover is one of the best options you'll be able to find at its given price point. Its design and fabric make it compatible with most vehicles, including all Tesla models. This feature is achieved through the product's velcro backing and suction cups, which allow you to adjust the material as needed.

    The door protector comes in three different colors (meaning you can match it to your seat protector for a much more cohesive look), and it can be installed perfectly regardless of the window position. However, during the set-up process, make sure not to move the windows up or down as doing so could disrupt the whole operation.

    These protectors are made out of the same Oxford-blend fabric as the seat covers mentioned previously. This means that they're also breathable, waterproof, and toxin-free. Additionally, they're easy to set up and maintain, as the durable window inserts make sure the protector itself never moves or slides around when your car is running.

    4. Make Use of the "Dog Mode" Feature

    As I previously mentioned, Tesla has taken some notable strides in making their vehicles more pet-friendly, and their new "Dog Mode" feature is proof of that. When this setting is activated, the car will automatically regulate its temperature to an optimal level where your pet will feel the most comfortable.

    As you'll see in the "Make Sure Your dog Feels Calm and Comfortable" section of this article, discomfort and anxiety are two of the most common reasons why your dog may be acting out and moving around too much in your car. Therefore, ensuring that your dog feels comfortable, you'll also be able to keep your vehicle safer from scratches, bites, or anxiety-induced fluids.

    The "Dog Mode" feature is also excellent to use when leaving your dog in your parked car on an especially hot or cold day. The setting also notifies anyone passing by your vehicle that your pet is safe and sitting at a comfortable temperature.

    Enabling this feature is pretty straightforward. Here's what you'll need to do:

    1. Find and tap on the fan-shaped icon located in the bottom bar of your touch screen.
    2. A menu will pop up in which you'll be able to choose between different settings, "Dog" being one of them. 
    3. Touch that tab, and the setting will activate the moment you leave your car. 
    4. You can always adjust the temperature as needed if your dog has specific needs and requirements.

    5. Trim Your Dog's Nails

    You can add protective layers and activate helpful features as much as you want, but as long as your puppy's nails are long and scratchy, there's bound to be some damage to your car's interior. For this reason, it's always best to solve your problem starting from its root and to make an effort to maintain your dog's claws.

    You'll never be able to add a protective Oxford fabric to your entire car, which is why making sure your dog's nails are trimmed and filed is one of the most efficient ways to keep your Tesla's interior damage-free.

    However, as most dog owners probably know by this point, trying to cut your pet's nails is no walk in the park. If you're one of the lucky few whose dogs don't mind their paws being handled and maintained, there's no excuse for you to skip a nail maintenance day.

    On the other hand, for those of you who find themselves struggling to file, let alone cut their pups' claws, there's no need to worry. First of all, a dog's dislike for nail trimming is natural. The process causes them a bit of pain, which means their instinctual reaction will be to protect themselves. 

    Ideally, you'd want to consult a vet or pet groomer before making any attempts at clipping your dog's nails. However, if you're determined to go through the process yourself, I'd recommend taking it slow and easy and giving your pup time to adjust to the feeling. Here's a more in-depth guide on how to clip a dog's nails for those of you wanting to learn more.

    6. Make Sure Your Dog Feels Calm and Comfortable

    The best way to get your dog to behave inside your car is to ensure its physical needs are met. 

    The two most common reasons a dog tends to move around and misbehave when on a car ride are anxiety and discomfort. For this reason, the best way to keep these types of behaviors in check is to take the necessary measures to make your vehicle an ideal environment for your pup.

    For example, be careful of how you position your pup when traveling, as otherwise, it might be prone to motion sickness. Usually, a dog's car seat should be installed higher up to allow your pet to have a better view of their surroundings.

    Additionally, any treats or toys that could keep your dog occupied and excited are an excellent way to make a car ride more enjoyable. However, be careful of the timings, as a treat given at the wrong time could encourage unwanted behavior.

    Lastly, if your pup shows any sign of anxiety or distress, it's always best to stop the car altogether and take them out for some fresh air. I know this isn't always possible, but it's essential to do so whenever you get the chance. This is especially crucial if your pet is showing signs that it has to go potty.


    Keeping your Tesla interior protected from your dogs can require a bit of time and investment. However, by following a few simple steps, you'll be able to keep your vehicle's gorgeous interior design unscathed and your pup much happier and safer.

    If you're looking for the highest-quality car accessories that won't break your bank, check out our selection here at Plush Paws. We know how important it is for you to maintain your car while also keeping your pup comfortable; we believe that you can do both!


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