Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best

Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best

Have you thought of or are planning on taking your dog on a long-distance road trip this summer? If this is your first time, continue reading on to see if it’s the best idea to take them on a long-distance trip and which breeds are the best at traveling.


Should Dogs Travel Long Distances?

Just as we humans are not the same, neither are dogs. What some dogs love to do, other dogs hate to do—especially with traveling. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether your dog should go on long road trips. You need to do some research into your particular breed or mix and discover whether their temperament, health, traits, etc. can handle the open road. For instance, if you have a miniature Maltese or schnauzer, they may get too anxious while riding and do better in a crate or left behind, whereas a lab may revel in the open road experience.

Let’s break down the top ten travel-friendly dog breeds and tips to make both of your experiences the best.


Top Travel Companions 

Although most dogs like to travel, some don’t want to travel long distances. Before you plan a road trip, find out if your dog breed loves the open road or would rather stay behind. Here are the top 25 dog breeds by size that do the best on the open road.


Toy Breeds

Small dogs can make for ideal road companions since they don’t take up too much space, and the ones listed don’t shed as much as other breeds. Some do well lazily enjoying the ocean while others love to explore the mountains. 


Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best

Toy Poodle

These tiny dogs are very smart, take up minimal space, and are also minimal shedders, so they’d make a perfect road trip companion. They also can stay quiet during long car rides. They, too, do well with other dogs, strangers, and kids.

Yorkshire Terrier

Brave and confident, the Yorkie loves to explore as much as you do, so they make an ideal road trip companion. They’re not nearly as athletic as other breeds, which makes them great for hanging out at the lake or leisurely walking in the woods. Keep in mind that they don’t like to be cold, so pick warm areas in which to travel.


This breed is one of the most travel-friendly on the planet. They are more tolerant of temperature changes than other small breeds and are generally healthy. For active travel, they love camping or hiking, but not as good for passive traveling. They also are low barkers, which makes them optimal for group travel. Because they’re also shorthaired and hypoallergenic, you won’t stress about sheddings left all over your seats. 

Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best

Italian Greyhound

If you love sightseeing, hiking, or running, you can’t go wrong with an Italian Greyhound as your companion. Another agile and athletic breed, these doggos need very little maintenance and shed very little. They make for great traveling companions for other travelers as well; however, they don’t like being alone, so it’s best not to leave them in a hotel room for too long.


Brussels Griffon

Like most other teacup dog breeds, they are bright and happy and eager to please. When traveling with kids or strangers, they are friendly and get along well. They do love being the center of attention and will happily follow you anywhere you go. While their cleverness is adoring, they can be destructive if left alone or are bored, so ensure you can handle them in those situations.

Large Breeds

If you have large breeds, you know they can take up a lot of room in your car, but they are also great protectors. They don’t do well traveling by air but love car rides. Here are the large breeds that do best for long car rides.

Australian Shepherd

If you own an Australian Shepherd, you know how easy they are to train and are very intelligent. They are outdoor dogs, so they will love traveling, especially rugged traveling. Note, their double-coat can be an issue in hot weather, so take extra precautions when traveling to those climates. Also, they do shed and need regular brushing.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Another excellent traveling dog, this breed is robust and does well with an outdoor adventurer. These good-natured dogs don’t spook easily and are quite calm. Because they are hard and healthy, they can take some rough terrain. No need to worry about meeting other people on your hike with a Bernese Mountain Dog; they are quite friendly. Don’t take them to the desert or other hot climates, though, as they were bred for colder climates.

Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best

Border Collie

Being one of the smarties breeds out there, Border Collies are very sensitive to their owners and quite easy to train when traveling. They remain calm in most situations and are gentle and loving to anyone they meet; however, they love to howl and bark, so they don’t make the best quiet traveling companion. 


Although they may look intimidating, Boxers are pretty fun-loving and athletic, making them an excellent travel dog. For the most part, they are quiet and won’t participate in nuisance barking. They don’t tolerate extreme climates, so ensure you don’t go somewhere too hot or cold. They do great with families with children, and their short hair is easy to clean from your car seats.

German Shorthaired Pointer

If you’re planning on a trip to the mountains for some hiking, these breeds are a great pick. Their athleticism and obedience make them great companions. Their short hair is easy to maintain, and their temperament friendly and engaging. Plus, they need frequent exercise, so they will shower you with affection when they can get out in the open air.

Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best


Bred as companions to horse-drawn carriages (and now, firefighters), dalmatians are an ideal breed to take on a long car ride. As extraordinarily agile and athletic dogs, they are perfect for hikers or water lovers. 


Very Active Breeds

These dogs have the energy and stamina to keep up with you, so if the size isn’t an issue and you need an active dog, here are the best ones for travel.



Active family dogs, Vizslas have a long history of being hunting dogs. They love exploring on camping and hiking trips and work well with other animals. What’s great is these breeds are clean and shorthaired and don’t smell like dogs—a significant advantage for distance traveling. They do something to keep them busy if they are left alone.

Catahoula Cur

One of the most enduring breeds, these dogs go the extra mile for their owners. Bred as a working dog that trudged through the swamps and marshes, they’re brave enough to go pretty much anywhere. They don’t, however, like strangers and are not naturally outgoing, so if you haven’t done any training with them, it may be a good idea to schedule some obedience training classes before taking off.

Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best


The best dogs for hunters, these breeds love the open air, exploring and getting ample exercise. They do love barking and howling, though, so you will need to train them to quiet down. They have short hair, so your seats should be easy to keep clean.

Labrador Retriever

Last, but not least is the beloved Lab. You will see these dogs everywhere and for a good reason. They are one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever encounter. They are incredibly easy to train and know the fundamental tricks to have fun with on vacation. Nevertheless, they do shed more than other short breeds, so consider using a seat cover.


Get Plush Paws Seat Covers

Most of these breeds shed very little, which is great, however, they can still make messes with dirty or wet paws, so get premium seat covers. We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to fit your vehicle, so please visit our shop to choose the perfect one and enjoy your upcoming road trip!

Road Trips with Your Fur Babies? Which Breeds Do Best

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