It's the American Heart Month, and Though we are to pay special attention to heart matters this month, we should not forget our furry companions too.  A dog's heart work's almost the same as it's human companion and whilst most Dogs rarely suffer from coronary artery diseases, Age and other factors like lifestyle tend to weaken Dogs heart which ultimately can lead to congestive heart failure very common among senior pooches. Ultimately, a healthy Dog is what all dog owners wish for but like their Human friends, diet, lifestyle and age are factors that are known to be hard to reign in.

Consequently, keep in mind that to start your journey to optimum health for your furry friend, you must first know your breed, it's a common fact that straight legged dogs like Boxers and Dobbermans have a higher rate of heart diseases because straight forelegs and narrow interscapular space lead's to flow congestion, which weaken's the heart, this means knowing the type of dog breed you have, and it's accompanying nutritional and lifestyle requirement is crucial in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve a healthy heart for your Dog, first of all you must have regular visits with your local Vet, regular check ups help in preventing infections and disease, and also promotes proper grooming practices. Proper and Adequate diet rich in heart healthy foods and regular exercise are key and essential elements to a healthy heart. Although obesity in Dogs are far more common than most Dog owners like to admit, it is the number one cause of most dog ailments like diabetes, decreased stamina, heat intolerance, certain skin conditions, reproductive and digestive problems, and Most Importantly heart Related problems too.

Be on the look out for bugs or parasites that can transmit diseases like the heart worm disease, which often lead's to inflammation of the blood vessels, restricted blood flow, pulmonary embolism and heart failure. Practice Good grooming like regular baths, brushing your dogs fur, and don't neglect their teeth since teeth and gum diseases in dogs are known to be factors that can lead to congestive heart failure. Putting your Dog on a supplement to compliment his diet is likely to provide adequate nutrition and optimum health, be sure to select supplement that promotes and support's a healthy heart. 

Symptoms like dry cough after a walk or exercise that often get's worse at night, shortness of breath, swollen tummy, fainting spells, tiredness, rapid weight loss and pale gums should be reported immediately to the Vet for prompt treatment because it could be a sign of a heart disease in your Dog which is often fatal.

 Help Prevent your Dog From Heart Disease By Being vigilant and Attentive, pay close attention to his Diet and keep them at a healthy weight, if you have a breed that is susceptible to heart Diseases make Sure he is properly Vaccinated, a Dog's Heart is Fragile Too Just like his Human Friend!

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