Top Dog Travel Accessories You Need For Your Next Trip

Top Dog Travel Accessories You Need For Your Next Trip

After a long, cold winter, spring is the perfect time to take your fur baby out exploring, and these dog travel accessories will help make your trip as fun as possible. Whether you’re headed out hiking, going on a road trip, or visiting some friends, your pup will love some time away from the house. Here’s a look at some of the top accessories to take along with you for easier, more enjoyable travels. 

Consider Dog’s Preferences

Before packing for your trip, think about what your dog likes to play with around your home and what they might want to have while you travel. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What helps my pup feel safe and comfortable?
  • What are their favorite toys to play with?
  • Which items will be easiest to take on the road with us?
  • Are there any accessories that will make traveling easier for me?

Many accessories are non-negotiable, like a collar with a dog tag, a leash, and a way to get your four-legged friend food and water. Others are simply a matter of preference.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular accessories to take along on doggy/owner road trips. Take a look and decide what will work best for you and your situation.

Dog Crate

Depending on your pup's size, their crate may or may not fit fully assembled in your vehicle. But it’s still a safe place for your dog in various situations. A dog crate is a comfortable haven for many dogs, so consider taking it along on your trip, so your furry companion has somewhere to call their own.

Dog Bed

Many pup parents leave the dog bed at home on road trips because they can be bulky and take up valuable space in the vehicle. But trust us, your four-legged friend will appreciate having a little slice of home with them while you travel. If you can’t fit their dog bed in the car, consider grabbing a favorite blanket or toy from home.

Portable Water Bottle or Bowl

You wouldn’t head out on a hike without taking water with you, and neither should your dog. Make sure you pack a water bottle or collapsible water bowl made for a pup to drink from and water to keep it full.

Spill-Proof Dog Bowl

A spill-proof bowl is one of the most popular dog travel accessories for road trips. And if you’ve ever traveled without one, you know this is true. Forget cleaning up spilled water and food all over the back seat of your vehicle. These bowls are designed specifically for vehicle travel, so food and water stay safe inside, ready for your pup whenever they need them. 

Chew Toys

It wouldn’t be an adventure without some chew toys to keep your fur baby entertained. Dogs can grow bored quickly on a long road trip with nothing to do, so consider buying some new chew toys to help curb their anxiety. 

Toys from home are also a good option. Keep in mind that something to chew on may help your pup in the car, but you still need to make plenty of stops to give them some fresh air and a chance to relieve themselves.

Calming Treats

Traveling and long car rides can be stressful for some pups who might get car sick or deal with anxiety. Calming dog treats can be beneficial to keep your furball calm and happy. You can find chewable options online or even get some from your vet. But keep in mind it’s best to test these calming treats on your pup before you start your trip since some might have the opposite effect. 

Dog Harness

Most dogs love hiking and exploring, so a harness is a must if that’s in your plans. They’re likely to pull on the leash, and if they’re only wearing a collar, it may tighten around their neck and cause discomfort or injury.

A harness will allow your dog to explore on a leash while keeping them safe and protected. A durable harness that fits correctly should be comfortable for your pup and can be used for hiking, walking, and in the car.

Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for a harness: 

  • adjustable straps
  • reflective strips
  • crash-tested for safety
  • breathable, soft fabric
  • car seat attachments

Adjustable Dog Seat Belt

You wouldn’t dream of getting in the car without wearing your seat belt, and your pup needs to be secured too, so he can stay safe if there’s an accident. An adjustable dog seat belt helps secure your puppy to your vehicle’s seat belts and keeps them from pacing back and forth in the car. This can help prevent injuries during sudden stops and jolts. Adjustable seat belts come in various sizes and lengths so you can find the right fit for your furry friend and your vehicle. 

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Your dog won’t be worried about the mess in your back seat, but if you are, a portable vacuum can help keep things under control. Spilled dog food, hair, and dander can easily be vacuumed up when you don’t have the time or option to pull out your car mats or seat covers to wash them. 

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