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Plush Paws Advanced Lanosterol Solution + NAC (2 Packs)

Plush Paws Products Advanced Lanosterol Solution + NAC | Dog Eye Care | Therapeutic Pet Eye Drops for Cataract | Promotes Vision Health & Dryness Relief (2 Packs)

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Lanosterol is a naturally produced chemical compound in all animals. As pets age, Lanosterol production decreases, which can cause cataracts. Combat cataracts with the help of these safe and effective drops. The active ingredient Lanosterol works to break down the glycoproteins that cause cataracts, helping address the problem source. 


Our lab-tested and proven eye drops use cutting-edge nanotechnology to deliver its active ingredients straight to your beloved pet's eyes. Active ingredient, Lanosterol, helps clear cloudiness by breaking down thee cataract-causing proteins while N-aecetylcarnosine (NAC) provides critical antioxidants that combat oxidative stress from cataracts. 


Take preventative measures to prolong the eye health of your beloved pet, by easing eye irritation and pain, while reducing trips to the vet with these lubricating eye drops. 

Please note: If your pet has cataracts due to an underlying chronic condition, like diabetes, Plush Paws eye drops may not be effective until the underlying condition is treated. 


Although these liquid drops are most commonly used for dogs and cats, they are also designed to help provide eye lubrication and clarity for animals like guinea pigs, horses, rabbits, and more.


We are based in the USA and proudly stand behind our satisfaction guarantee. We promise to provide top quality products and customer service. 






shake bottle before each application.

After, Opening, store in the refrigerator. 

after 4 weeks, please dicard and start a new bottle. the solution is sterile and can be used for 4 weeks onCe opening.

for animal use only.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. 

reminder - it may take up to 60 days to see results.

Ask your vet before using with other types of drops.

Week 1
apply 5-10 drops per eye, depending on the size your dog's eyes, everyday in the morning and evening.  

week 2
continue treatment by applying 3-5 drops per eye, once every 3-5 days. the frequency will depend on the severity of the cataracts.

if cataracts disappear, continue use in order to prevent new cataracts from forming.