Why You Need a Pet Seat Cover

Why You Need a Pet Seat Cover
If you love to travel and love to bring along your dog with you, then you would understand the struggles of getting them in dog crates. While dog crates tend to protect your dog and keep them secured in your car, sometimes your dog is just too big to fit in your car and not using one is probably your best option if you want to travel with them.

Dos love being in the car and when they are at it - they love to play around. The dog's playfulness is your car interiors worst enemy. After a trip around town, expect your interior to have dirt, grime and dander all over the place. Clean up is very tedious and it gets even worse if your dog scratch, puncture providing permanent damage in your car's upholstery.

This is why you need a pet seat cover for your car. Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of having a pet seat cover.

1. Pet Seat Covers Protect Your Car's Interior
A damaged interior is costly. It's three or four times more expensive than buying a tool that could protect your seat from the damage your dog will do to your seat.

2. Safe and Comfortable
Unlike your seat, a car pet seat cover is made up of comfortable materials. The materials in these covers make your dog feel safer and more comfortable. Moreover, pet seat covers come equipped with a harness. These harnesses can be placed along with your car's seatbelt. It keeps your dog secured; thus preventing accidents that could have happened if you left your dog loose in car. Also, if your dog is harnessed, it keeps you from getting distracted - so you'll be focused more on the road than your playful pet. These harnesses also act as seat belts protecting your pet from sudden stops and keep them in place when car accidents occur.

3. Easy to Clean
Not only that pet seat covers protect your seat, but  clean up is a breeze. Imagine having to clean the dirt, grime and pet dander from your seat every time you bring your dog along with you. This gets even worse if your dog has toilet accidents.

Pet seat covers are easy to clean. Simply wipe off the dirt or take it off if need be. The waterproof material keeps liquids from leaking through the seats so rest assured that your car seat is as good as new when you take off the pet seat cover.

4. Cheaper Than Fixing It 
What could be better than having your seat cleaned or re-upholstered every time you ride with your dog is to simply install a pet seat cover. These are cheaper and a lot easier to replace than your car seat.

5. You Can Use It Too!
Even if you don't have a pet with you, car pet seat covers can be your everyday seat protector. These covers are superb barriers of liquids, dirt and other things that could have damaged your seat.

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