Why Plush Paws Products is the Best Pet Seat Cover

Why Plush Paws Products is the Best Pet Seat Cover
With so many car pet seat covers sold locally and online, you might get confused on what brands to choose and who to trust your hard earned cash with. Oftentimes, you have to weigh in on price and quality and most of the time you have to choose either one or the other.

At Plush Paws Products, we make sure that your hard-earned cash won't go to waste.

1. Quick Release Buckles and Reinforced Pressure Points
With these features, installation is quick and easy. In fact, even without experience you can get the pet seat cover up and working in less than a minute! Removing the pet seat cover is a breeze as it has seat belt openings that come with Velcro enclosure. The extra elastic straps and the non-slip silicone backing offer a snug fit, so it won't be moved regardless of how playful your pet is and how rough the roads are.

The reinforced pressure points give it an unmatched toughness and durability.

2. Made of Weatherproof and Waterproof Materials.
Don't you just hate it when a pet seat cover seeps water to your seat? This won't be a problem with our pet seat cover as it contains weather-resistant backing that will stand the test of time.

3. Ready to Use 
You'll have everything you need plus more when you buy Plush Paws Products pet seat cover. Every pet seat cover comes with 2 seat-belts and two harnesses for free! These seat-belts and harnesses that can fit most medium to large sized dogs.

4. Padded and Quilted
We're not just about functionality, we're into your pet's comfort as well. Our pet seat cover has 50% more padding and is quilted compared to others, giving your dog a more comfortable ride.

5. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We're all about customer satisfaction that Plush Paws Products support doesn't end in a week, a month, or even in a year. In fact, we are confident about the quality of our products that we are offering a manufacturer's lifetime warranty!

Plush Paws Products strives to offer the best solution for your needs at an honest price. We love what we do and we put enthusiasm and commitment to the products we sell at PlushPawsProducts.com. Put simply, if you want want a company that puts pride and passion to their products the way you love your pets, choose Plush Paws Products.

If you are looking for quality pet seat cover that won't break the bank, look no further as Plush Paws Products Pet Seat Cover has that and even more! What are you waiting for? Get your own pet seat cover today!

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