5 Alternatives to Leaving Your Dog in the Car

5 Alternatives to Leaving Your Dog in the Car
Leaving your dog in car is probably not a good idea because not only that the varying temperatures in car could kill them, but you can also get to jail for doing that. Cars heat up quickly so don't even think about leaving them even for just a few minutes. Even with the windows opened a bit, could suffer severe health issue or even death. So if you are still obliged to leave them in car because you have no other choice, here are some alternatives.

Shop in a Pet Friendly Store
Find out which stores in your area that are pet-friendly. It may surprise you that most of the stores today are pet-friendly - you just have to ask. Call ahead and ask if they allow pets. Walmart, Macy's and Home Depot for example are just some stores that allow pets. This can be great because you can get the chance to take the dog with you to the store.

Take the Drive Thru
Rather than leaving your pet in car, consider taking a drive-thru especially if your favorite restaurant does not allow pets inside. In this way, you won't be worried when you leave your dog in the hot car. Simply eat with your pet in car or take the food at home with you.

Dine at Pet-Friendly Restaurants
When drive-thru simply won't cut it, and you don't want to eat in the car or take the food with you find a restaurant that are pet-friendly. Make sure to know the pet policies of the restaurants as some only allows toy dogs while others welcome any breed.

Use the Buddy System
If you love to run errands with your dog, but every place you visit is not pet-friendly consider taking your friend or family member with you. Instead of getting your pet at risk or being fined for leaving them in the car, your friend or family member can stay in the car with your dog. This way you can leave the car running and your buddy can either play with your pet outside or simply keep watch inside the car.

Leave them home
When the stores around you aren't pet friendly and can't bring someone with you in the car just leave them at home. It's safer, a lot cooler and you won't be entitled to fines because you left your dog in car. An hour or so of leaving them at home won't hurt your dog as long as you leave them with food and water. When going out for days, leave it to your friend or relative's house or have a pet sitter.

Whenever you take your pet along with you don't forget to bring a bottle of water to keep them hydrated. An ice pack could also be beneficial specially during the summer months because as it melts, the ice will provide cool water to keep your pet's temperature in check. Protect your car's seat from water spills with our pet seat cover. For more information, visit this link: http://bit.ly/PlushPawsProductsPetSeatCover

Dogs are sensitive to heat. A sudden increase in temperature can alter your dog's health from normal to fatal in just a matter of minutes. Take the necessary precautions and follow these alternative to leaving your pet in your car.

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