We Got an Amazon's Choice Badge!

We Got an Amazon's Choice Badge!

If you didn't know, our product Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover Waterproof with 2 Bonus Pet Car Seat Belts and 2 Harnesses, Hammock, Side Flaps, Quilted, Non Slip Silicone Backing, Machine Washable for Cars, Trucks, SUV's & Vehicles has received an Amazon's Choice badge. It's a highly regarded recognition and we are proud to have one of our products receiving the Amazon's Choice badge.

Amazon's Choice Badge

What is Amazon's Choice?

The idea of Amazon's Choice is simple: Why spend time looking for the sea of products available in the site when Amazon can do the hard work for you. Originally launched for Alexa-enabled devices like Dot and Tap, and Echo, Amazon's Choice has also paved its way to the site and the apps.

Amazon's Choice helps consumers save time and effort by suggesting highly-rated, well-priced products with Primie Shipping. The Amazon's Choice program are chosen by a selected variety of factors ranging from rating and shipping speed. It can't be requested or suggested by the seller it is earned. That is why having one of our products as Amazon's Choice is a great priviledge to us.

We have this badge because of the people that bought our product and kept on supporting us. And that's a big thank you from us, because without you we wouldn't have this recognition.

How Does It Work?

If you bought one of our products before then Amazon would suggest your usual purchases. However, if it's your first time searching for a pet seat cover, Amazon would recommend our pet seat cover for you. Amazon vouched for our pet seat cover due to our fast shipping, excellent reviews and other factors. So you are sure that you're getting the best out of Amazon without the need to browse for hours.

You can also order via Alexa-enabled devices and our product will be the one that Alexa will suggest in case you're looking for a car pet seat cover.


A Big Thank You

We all know that how Amazon awards the badge to the products is a closely guarded secret. However, with how you, our customers have been positive with our products it's no secret that you are the one to thank for this recognition.

Again, thank you to the Plush Paws Products team and to the our loyal customers for bringing us to this level that we wouldn't thought would be possible.

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