6 Tools A Dog Owner Should Be Using

As a dog owner, you have the tools other than a leash. Here are some of the tools every you should have in your arsenal.

1. Collar and Harness

For walking your dog, you need a harness or a head collar. Collars are the most traditional approach when it comes to walking or training your dog. You may be familiar with the necklace-like collar but there are alternatives like the metal-choke collar. Although cheaper, we don't recommend using metal choke harness as they tend to hurt dogs more than they should. Harnesses are a popular choice for many dog owners today. This is because dog owners believe that dog harnesses cause breathing complications on your dog. Dogs that constantly pull and lunge are the best candidates for dog harness as it prevents them from getting choked.

Take glam to the next level with this Sparkle Gemstone Dog Collar by East Side Collection. Crafted in ultra soft pastel faux leather, your furry friends won't experience irritation nor rashes unlike when they wear chain dog collars. Available in different colors with matching dog leashes, there's one for any fashionista dog!

Pet Collar and Harness

2. Food and Water Bowls

While plastic is the most common food and water bowl, you might consider other materials for it as plastic, although durable and longer lasting are fragile and your pet dog could potentially ingest bits of plastic that might harm them internally.

Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel food and water bowls are recommended as they are easy to clean and sanitize. Stainless steel bowls won't chip like plastic does and is obviously more durable than any other materials around.

Ceramic/Cement-type -Heavy and very stable this is perfect for dogs who tend to push the bowl over while eating or drinking. If you know how to build one on cement, then you can create your very own food and water bowl. However, the problem with these type of bowls is that they are porous. Food and other substances tend to stick to the surface of the bowl and you will need to clean it regularly.

3. Bedding

If you can't stand to lay down on the hard floor, then your pet dog won't stand it as well. Just like humans, dogs enjoy having their own bed. But what kind of bed would be best suited for your pet? Here are some suggestions:

Natural materials -While synthetic products are cheap and has some benefits like being stain proof and fire retardant, these have chemicals that could harm your dog specially if they have sensitive skin or have allergies.Ensure that the bedding is made of 100% cotton or any natural materials.

Removable cover -Removable covers make it easy to clean your dogs bedding. Having a removable cover ensures that your pet is free of pests and other irritants that could harm everyone.

Rubber or Non-Skid Bottom -A rubber or non-skid bottom ensures that the bedding won't slide. A moving bed would only risk injury.

Here's a dog bedding you might like:

dog bedding image

Insect Shield Cot is an all-around dog bedding that effectively protects your dog from biting insects. The dog bedding is treated with the patent pending process that repels harmful insects while keeping them cool and dry. Easy to assemble and use as the bedding folds quickly with ease and assembles with no tools required. Insect Shield Cot is available in various colors in medium (holds pet up to 27 pounds) and large (up to 40 pounds).

4. Grooming Tools

Grooming tools are a must have regardless of dog breed. While they look like they may not need grooming, it is a good idea to establish a habit of regular grooming to your dog especially during the early years of your dog's life. Here are some of the recommended tools for grooming dogs:

  • Bristle Brushes
  • Wire Brushes
  • De-shredder
  • Flea and tick remover

Long Hair Furminator is great for dog owners experiencing constant shedding of furs from their pets. This tool is guaranteed to reduce fur shredding better than any brush, rake or comb. It can help get rid of that unwanted hair without damaging your best friends skin. Designed specifically for long-haired dogs, this pet groomer can reach beneath the long top coat and gently removes undercoat and loose hair. Recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers, there is simply no better way to groom your dog than this long hair furminator.

furminator image

5. Pest Control

Part of your responsibility as a dog owner is to keep control of any parasites or pests that your dog might encounter. This includes tick, fleas, and internal parasites. While tick and flea soaps may be effective at removing ticks and fleas, there are other methods that can get rid of them for good. As with parasites, there's nothing your veterinarian wouldn't get rid of.

Keep fleas away from your furry friend in a natural way with this flea and tick repellent from Healthy Dogma. This supplement combines the benefit of skin and coat supplements with garlic and yeast to get rid of fleas and ticks without those harmful chemicals.

Pet Pest Control

6. Toys

While often overlooked, buying toys for your dog will actually benefit them. It helps your dog to stay mentally active, it keeps them entertained, thus diverting their attention into destroying everything you have and best of all, it gets rid of their destructive behavioral patterns.

Some recommended toys are:

  • Tug toys
  • Fetch toys
  • Chew toys

Take some time to shop for these items as it will benefit the both of you. These things will help make caring for your dog more of a worthwhile experience rather than a daunting task.

Your dog will love to play with this Grriggles Garden Patch Dog toy. Made of polyester plush, and polyfil this dog toy will take on any gnashing or gnawing from your dog. Featuring embroidered faces on the corduroy plush body, this dog toy also contains a squeaker that your dog will love to play around.

Other than the two peas in a pod, the Garden Patch Dog toy also has carrot, red pepper, and eggplant.

dog toy image

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