6 Herding Dog Breeds That Make Great House Pets

6 Herding Dog Breeds That Make Great House Pets

Herding dog breeds are known to be energetic, loyal, and extremely intelligent, and they have become well-beloved family pets in recent years. 

In fact, some dogs that were once considered herding dogs are now more likely to be seen in the home than working on a farm. Let's take a look at herding dogs that can also make great companions below.


1. Samoyed 

Fun and adorable fact about the samoyed - they used to herd reindeer! Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard? Despite being bred for such a specific purpose, this smiley and super fluffy dog has become a well-loved household pet. They are known for being friendly and gentle dogs, but they love playing and getting in lots of exercise. While their long, white coats are perfect for families and dog owners who live in colder climates, samoyeds are adaptable to almost any environment; just know that their fur does require extra care and attention. These dogs tend to shed quite a lot, but frequent brushing and grooming can help keep the shedding to a minimum, and your pup looks nice and fluffy!


2. Welsh Corgis 

Who would have known these little guys were once bred to herd cattle? Well, maybe they aren't really all that little. Even though they are relatively short, corgis are, as the American Kennel Club calls them, "a big dog in a small package." Weighing in at 27-30 pounds, corgis have small but strong leg and thigh muscles to keep them agile. There are two types of Welsh corgis, a Welsh cardigan corgi that keeps its tail and a Welsh Pembroke corgi that usually has its tail removed or "docked." While the two different breeds come from different ancestors, they can be very similar in many of their characteristics and traits. Welsh corgis enjoy being around their families and owners and pick up on training well due to their high intelligence. While they can be loving and affectionate dogs, they require a good amount of exercise since they are susceptible to gaining weight easily. Someone that enjoys playing fetch or going for frequent walls would love having a welsh corgi as their trusty companion.


3. Rough Collie

Don't let their name fool you. Rough collies are some of the most gentle dogs you can find. Initially used for herding sheep, this type of collie is eager to please its owners and is highly trainable, which might be why you see this beautiful dog in dog shows all across the world. They're also great family dogs as they tend to be gentle with children of all ages. As with most herding dog breeds, rough collies require exercise and some space to run. An owner or family with an active lifestyle and lots of space to roam would be the most suitable for a rough collie. These furry friends make for great walking, running, and hiking companions!


4. Border Collie

When it comes to herding dog breeds, a border collie is known to be one of the most hard-working dogs you can find. They also have some of the most energy you'll ever see in a dog. Since they were originally bred to herd sheep, they are used to getting a full day of work in. That being said, given the proper amount of space and exercise, border collies can be affectionate with their owner or family. Since they are so intelligent, you can train them to do lots of tricks, like fetching, catching a ball or frisbee in mid-air, and even agility courses. If you're looking for a dog that is sure to keep you active and getting outdoors, a border collie is sure to please his or her owner!


5. Australian Shepherds

Did you know that Australian shepherds are the cowboy's favorite herding dog? With their intelligence and agility, Australian shepherds make for great herding dogs and companions. While easily trainable, this dog is easy-going in the sense that they tend to get along well with just about anyone or anything that they meet. They are gentle enough to play well with children while still holding their own when playing with other dogs. Due to their herding instincts, an Australian shepherd may try to herd children and small animals they see out and about, like squirrels, birds and even cats. Don't mistake this for any type of aggressive behavior; they're just gentle dogs with an instinct to direct others' traffic. With proper training and lots of daily exercise, an Australian shepherd will make a great furry friend that is sure to love you for all of his or her life.


6. German Shepherds

You might know German shepherds for being service animals, police dogs, and overall working dogs. However, according to The Spruce Pets, "German shepherds can be very gentle companions and family protectors with proper training and socialization." Thes