7 Most Popular Medium-Sized Dog Breeds Who Want to Be Your Friend

7 Most Popular Medium-Sized Dog Breeds Who Want to Be Your Friend

As a society, we've become accustomed to saying "small dog" and "big dog." But what about the medium-sized dog breeds? 

As it turns out, there are a ton of dogs that fit in this category. A medium-sized dog weighs between 20 and 60 pounds, with a height ranging from eight to 27 inches (that's quite a range!). Depending on what breed of medium dog you get, you'll find that they make for great adventure buddies, family dogs, and snugglers. In this article, we've compiled seven popular medium dog breeds that will be your loyal companion.


1. Australian Shepherd

Weighing in at 40-65 pounds, we have the always adorable Australian shepherd. Known to be an extremely active dog, Australian shepherds are excited for any adventure you take them on. Australian shepherd dogs were bred to be herding dogs, hence the name "shepherd," so they guarded instincts and were incredibly loyal to their owners. Even with their high energy, aussies are still gentle enough to be around and play with children. For a family or owner that really loves to get outdoors for a round of fetch or a nice long hike, an Australian shepherd just might be the dog for you! 

2. Cocker Spaniel 

On the smaller side of the medium-sized dog breeds list, a cocker spaniel weighs anywhere from 24-32 pounds. As part of the spaniel family, they are considered the smallest dog in the sporting group. If you're looking for a dog that's both big enough to be sporty but small enough to be portable, the cocker spaniel is the way to go. Oddly enough, cocker spaniels were initially bred for hunting but soon became one of the most popular companions and family-friendly dogs. You might see the occasional cocker spaniel in a dog show because they are known for being easily trained to become athletic dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. With their adorable curly and floppy ears, it's easy to see why the cocker spaniel breed made this list!


3. Brittany Spaniel 

This brilliant dog breed weighs in at 30-40 pounds. While these cuties are named as part of the spaniel family, they behave more like a pointer. What exactly does that mean? Well, these dogs have birds on their mind. Typically trained to be a bird hunting dog, the brittany spaniel has a lot of energy and a ton of smarts to offer. Even if you're not interested in hunting, these dogs are highly trainable for other activities. Teach them to play fetch and other fun tricks so you can show off your pup to all your friends. They also make great family companions as long as the family has plenty of exercise and activities to offer. If you're looking for a running or hiking buddy, a Brittany spaniel might just be the dog for you!


4. Bulldogs

Who doesn't love those droopy jowls and big brown eyes? Bulldogs are a breed like no other, and while they aren't big in height, their muscle mass sure makes up for it. Weighing in at 40-55 pounds, this pup sure meets the weight requirement to be considered one of these medium-sized dog breeds. But don't think that just because they're a little more on the heavier side will keep them from wanting to snuggle up right next to you or even in your lap. This dog is pretty mellow but still enjoys the occasional walk to keep them happy and healthy. If you're looking for a beefy snuggle buddy that will also get you out of the house from time to time, adopting a bulldog is the move for you.

5. Samoyed

Of all the medium-sized dog breeds, this one is both the fluffiest and the smiliest! These beautiful creatures weigh in at 50-60 pounds and were initially trained to herd reindeer and haul sleds. Even now that they're more known for being house pets, they are still highly intelligent and loyal dogs. According to DogTime, a "samoyed's characteristic smile reveals his friendly, good-natured disposition. He is especially fond of children." So, if you're looking for a family-friendly dog that's always sure to put a smile on your face, a samoyed is sure to be a good fit. Fair warning, though, these dogs have a lot of energy and a lot of fur. So keep them active and make sure you know the name of a good groomer! 


6. Border Collie

Typically weighing somewhere between 30-45 pounds, these furry friends are known for being extremely athletic, intelligent, and loyal. Due to these characteristics, they are easy to train and eager to please. Also known for being the "world's greatest herder," these pups are used to herding sheep. Don't that fool you, though, even if you don't live on a sheep farm; border collies make great house pets as long as they get plenty of exercise. Just know that they can be a little reserved with strangers, but they'll eventually warm up and create life-long friendships. For an active dog owner or family, a border collie can be a great addition!


7. Portuguese Water Dog

These athletic, adventurous, and affectionate dogs weigh in at 35-50 pounds and have the sweetest curls! Portuguese water dogs were originally trained to be working dogs for fishermen working on the coast by retrieving broken nets and lost tackle. They would even act as messengers between ships! These intelligent dogs are highly trainable and obedient. Due to their working nature, they'll need a lot of exercise, so they make a great walking, hiking, and running companions. They instinctively love water as well, so maybe find a local dog-friendly swimming hole, beach, or lake for them to play in. Another great thing about these dogs is that they can adapt to most living situations as long as they're given plenty of exercises. If you love to get outdoors, this is the pup for you! 


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