Man Leaves A Badly Shaped Dog in Stranger's Backyard

When a neighbor returned home from work, he found a note that reads:

"My dog is in your backyard, I cannot afford her, my husband beats her and I can't let her live with us. I love her too much. Her name is Ruben-May. Thank You."

So when Quincy Bui rushed to the backyard, he saw the dog and it is in really bad shape.

Bui checked the medical footage and saw what really happened in the camera. The footage shows a pickup truck parking just outside of Bui's home and a man getting out with a dog under his arm. The man walks walks to the front door and around the backyard where he leaves the dog then drives away.

Bui called animal control and Ruben May was taken to the local shelter. The man is still not yet been identified.


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