How To Solve Even the Biggest Behavioral Problems With Your Dog

How To Solve Even the Biggest Behavioral Problems With Your Dog

When your dog won't listen to you it probably means one thing: You haven't trained them well and you have been dominated by your dog. That is why when you tried to teach them tricks or discipline them, it just don't work.

If that is the case, it simply is the cause of mistaken mistaken identity. You have been submitting to your dog all this time that he/she thinks that he is the pack leader or at least your pet is confused who is the pack leader. When you claim your leadership to the pack, your dog will follow your every command.

Why a Pack Leader

One of the most important thing to do to have a strong and balanced relationship with your dog is to be a pack leader from day one. There are many reasons to be a pack leader of your pet.

  • Your dog is less likely to cause harm to you or your family.
  • Your dog well remain well behaved at all times even when there are other dogs around him/her.
  • Your dog will learn to respect your possessions, so expect a clean house even if you leave them alone.
  • Your dog will be happier and more content.
  • Your dog will be less anxious and nervous.

How to establish a leadership with your dog

Whether you have just adopted or bought a new puppy or dog, you need to establish your leadership from day one. However, becoming one doesn't happen overnight. It will have to take a lot of time and patience before your dog can fully understand what their role is in the pack. That is why you need to formulate a plan and be consistent with it.

Here are some pointers to remember:

  1. Create a fixed schedule in training your pet. This includes your dog's regular exercise.
  2. Set aside the time of the day for his/her mental exercise. This includes implementing the rules, setting boundaries and limitations. This develops a form of communication with your pet that both of you will understand pretty well.
  3. Your family members are entitled with their own responsibilities as well. Ensure to discuss their responsibilities first before bringing your pet at home.
  4. To ensure that your dog understands his/her relationship role, walk out of the door ahead of your dog when leaving the house.
  5. Before you share food, water, or give toys to your pet, give it something to do first. Treat it as a reward for when the followed a simple rule or command from you. In this way, your dog won't take things for granted and will have respect over your possessions.


In most cases, dogs don't listen to you because you failed to communicate with him effectively. The key here is to keep a strong communication with your pet and have them understand that you, as their master, is a pack leader.

Ensure that he follows the rules and regulations well and impose it properly. You might think that becoming a pack leader is a bit controlling and unfair to your dog. However, if you are consistent in handling your demands to your dog, you are actually being fair to them. What is unfair is if you constantly beat your pet to establish your position. You don't want to be a pack leader because your dogs fear you as this will move them further away from you.

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