10 Signs You Should Get A Dog

10 Signs You Should Get A Dog

Dogs are a man's best friend and without a doubt, one of the most adorable animal in the world. As puppies, they are cute and cuddly, right there by our side keeping us happy. And as they grow old, they are our best buddy, willing to be there by our side no matter what and protect us when necessary. There's absolutely no reason to get a dog, so if you don't have one, you should.

Still not convinced? Then these 10 signs will make you want to get one.

  1. You spend a good amount of time looking at your neighbor's dogs or cute pictures of dog. What's the hold up? Why not own one for yourself rather than looking at pictures of cute dogs on the internet or watching your neighbors pet?
  2. You care about dogs more than you care about other people. How many times have you asked your friend if their dog has been fed? How many times have you cuddled your friend's dog more than your friend? If you have counted that it is more compared to caring for your friends and family members, you know what you need to get.
  3. The place where you live allows dog. Many apartments and condominiums doesn't allow dogs in the place or if they do, it will have restrictions on the size of the dog that you are allowed (usually measured by size and weight) and the type of dog. Some areas ban dogs of specific type due to the dog's nature or history in that area. In Miami-Dade County, Florida for example, the state bans owning an American Pit Bull Terrier, or any dog that fits the characteristics of those breeds.
  4. You educate yourself. Did you spend a lot of time researching how to care for a dog even if you don't own one?
  5. You are financially ready to take care for a dog. It's not rocket science, nor you don't need a college fund to take care of the dog. Simply just the basics like shots, neutering, preventive care, pet cleaning, supplies, and toys are enough. Also, you should be able to account for emergency care.
  6. You already know what kind of dog fits your lifestyle. You probably considered a pug, a poodle or something in between because you go to shopping malls a lot. You also might have chosen Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers as exercise is very important to you.
  7. You have the time to train a pet. The worst mistake of owning a dog is not having the time for them and train them. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to not just take good care of your pet, but to also train them to behave exactly the way you want. As the dog's master, you need to be in control and not let them control you.
  8. You volunteer to be dog sitters of you neighbor, friend, or colleague's dog. You take whatever opportunity you have to dog sit a dog and even accepts favors without asking for payment.
  9. You are always on the go for advice and tips. Your years of research have finally paid off because even if you don't own one, people look for you for dog advice.
  10. When you are at your friend's house, you spend more time with their dog more than your friend.

And lastly, if a lot of people are saying: "I think you should get a dog". This just means that they have seen the signs and they know that you are ready to own one.

Can you relate to these 10 signs? Or if you already have one, what were some of the signs you had that made you decide to own a dog?

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