Why We Love Dogs (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Dogs (And You Should, Too!)
Why We Love Dogs (And You Should, Too!)

Dogs are man's best friend and there's a pretty good reason for it. They are jolly and fun to be with and most of all, the puppies are very cute. But there's more to that than meets the eye. Here are some of the reasons we love dogs and why you should too!

An exercise partner

Want to jog but hate to be alone? Then have a pet dog and make them your exercise partner. Not only that, dogs can motivate you to move and if you do it regularly; they'll urge you to exercise even if at times you don't feel like it.

Dogs will eat whatever's on the table

You're not good at cooking? Don't worry because whatever you put on the table, dogs will eat them. So it doesn't matter if you have made the worst dinner yet or have burnt a perfectly marinated beef because your pet dog will enjoy it as if they're a tasty treat.

Feeling down? Dogs can help.

If you can't afford a shrink, why not care for a dog. Dogs are the cheapest shrink around. When your feeling down, just go to your pet dog and they will be there to cheer you up. Dogs have an inert ability to know how people are feeling. You'll be surprised how your pet will react if they know that there's something bothering you.

They protect you

Dogs are trained to watch and be aware of anything coming your way. Potential burglars are immediately averted by the barking of the dog or even just a sight of your pet. If that's not enough, care for bigger dogs like Rottweilers and German Shepherds as they have quite a reputation in getting rid of burglars and other culprits for good.

There is never a dull moment

Do you enjoy watching funny dog videos? There's a pretty good reason that these videos are all over the place. This is because dogs are never boring. There are so many things you can do with your dog that 24 hours isn't enough. Aside from that, dogs are naturally adorable and just a mere sight of them provides significant entertainment.

They can save your life

With their alertness and keen sense of smell, dogs can sense danger before you even can. How many times have you read about dogs saving their masters at the face of danger? And did you know that dogs can detect cancer and other illnesses? If you see your dog starting to be concerned about you, best consult your doctor before it gets worse.

They have unconditional love

Dogs wait for you no matter what. They wait at the door for you regardless if you come home or not. They dance for excitement when they see you and they are always happy to be with you. Even if you are busy, just a short attention will have them jumping for you. What's great about it is what you see is what you get. Yep. That's genuine love right there and you wouldn't see that anywhere else, but your dog.

They'll be with you no matter what

Your dog will be there no matter what. They won't question you if you hit them (but please don't), they won't leave you if you don't feed them, and they won't complain if you lack attention. Dogs can sense human body language and emotions that is why they have undying loyalty to you. That's because they know and understand what you are having right now and they are always there for you.

You'll recover illnesses quicker

Dog owners have a much higher chance of recovery from being sick compared to non-dog owners. In fact, hospitals use dogs as a therapy to terminally ill people and has helped them recover quicker. The relationship between humans and dogs is without a doubt, the best there in the world. It's a two-way street where one benefits the other. Dogs have been proven to improve our overall mental and emotional health around us in exchange to our attention to them.

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