9 Amazing Airline Travel Hacks

9 Amazing Airline Travel Hacks

What is a Pet Microchip

Taking your dog on a plane is no easy task, but if done right your dog can be your best travel buddy.

Research the nearest veterinarian or hospital that you will be traveling to ahead of time. Whenever, you travel is always anticipate for the worst so you better be prepared for the worst case scenario. So if there actually is a problem, you know who to call and where to take your pet. It's faster and more efficient than cramming for this information when an accident is actually occurring.

Once you have this information, write it down where you don't want to lose it.

Call the airline ahead of time that you'll have an animal traveling with you. In this way, the airlines will know that you have a pet on board and will suggest options for pet traveling with your pet. This will also allow the airlines to size your dog and choose a suitable travel options for you.

Prefer the cabin. Most of the airlines will allow dogs in the cabin, but for an additional fee. There are limits to the size and to the number of dogs you can have in the cabin. Consult your airline about cabin transport.

Have your pet microchipped. It's more accurate and more efficient than a name tag and your dog won't lose it. A pet microchip lasts as long as it is in your pet. It doesn't need to be replaced as it updates your contact details through the scanner; moreover, it is completely safe and won't have adverse effects to your pet.

Prefer direct flights. Direct flights avoid the errors that usually occur during airline transfers and the possible delays of getting off the plane with your pet.

When you board the plane, notify the captain or at least the flight attendant that you have a pet traveling with you. In this way, the captain will know that they have a live animal on board and can take extra precautions.

Do not feed your pet for six hours before the trip. This will help prevent motion sickness in dogs and will have a more comfortable travel. You can give small amounts of water and if possible use ice cubes in the water tray so that it won't spill when traveling.

Carry a photo of your pet. If your pet is lost on a trip, the photograph will be much easier for airline employees to identify your pet. Place it in your pet's carrier and have one copy of the photo in your carry-on.

Give  your pet at least a month before the flight to become familiar with the travel carrier. In this way, your pet will behave and be accustomed to the ride and won't cause and headaches along the way. It will also train your pet to behave in a ride and wouldn't cause any problems if you leave them alone.

Traveling by plane is not always recommended as dogs will have difficulty breathing when they are a few feet above ground. But if this can't be avoided these airline travel hacks will help  you have a safe and hassle-free trip.

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