Air Canada Pilot Diverted The Flight to Save The Life of A Dog

When a cargo heating malfunctioned, an Air Canada pilot diverted the trans-Atlantic flight to save the life of a dog.
Air Canada Pilot Diverted The Flight to Save The Life of A Dog

On September 13, a seven-year-old French bulldog named Simba was in  a cargo flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto. The pilot received an indication that one of the cargo hold heaters had malfunction. Fearing that it could reach freezing temperature when they fly over the Atlantic, the pilot made an abrupt decision. Without hesitation, the pilot diverted the flight to Frankfurt airport to save the life of the dog.

The cargo hold is one of the most dangerous place your dog will be in a flight. A change in temperature, rough handling, and other factors are what usually causes the dogs to be injured or be killed in flight. This is why alerting the pilot as soon as a problem happens in the cargo is crucial to the survival of the dog.

The aviation expert said that the pilot made the right decision. They are responsible for all the lives on board whether its a human or an animal.

There was no doubt a delay on the flight, but once people were told that a dog's life is probably in danger, they completely understand why the flight have to be diverted.

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