10 Dogs in their Cutest Sleeping Positions

Unlike humans, dogs can sleep anywhere. It doesn't matter if it's outside, on your desk, or even if it is the worst place to take a nap. If they feel like it, they'll lie there and get some snooze time. Don't believe me? Here are some photos of dogs and puppies in their cutest sleeping positions.

Odd one out. Guess who it is?

odd one out

A bed and a food bowl. Now that's convenient!
bed and food bowl

This pup could be flying in his sleep. Too bad we'll never know.
pup flying in his sleep

Dog version of: "If it fits, I sit"
if it fits I sleep

Now that's an innovative bed design.
innovative bed design

The stretch could be helping them sleep better.
dog stretch

He could have learned that from his human master

human-like sleep

Here's one sleeping on the desk. Aint that cute?
dog sleeping on desk

This dog waited all day.
dog waited all day

Derp mode. What a lovely form.

derp mode

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