Man Builds a Dog Train for Rescued Pups

An 80-year-old man built a dog train to cart around the stray pups he adopted. Hailing from Fort Wort Texas, and retired for more than 15 years, Eugene Bostick dedicate his golden years to help the needy pets.

Man Builds a Dog Train for Rescued Pups
According to, Bostick was living on a farm with his wife, his brother and nine dogs. "We live on the dead-end street where me and my brother have a horse barn" Bostwick told the online publication. He also added that people come by and dump dogs out leaving them to starve. So they started feeding them and taking care of them. Giving them a place to live.

Over the years, they had taken cared of numerous abandoned dogs, until one day Bostick has found a way to make them happy too.

One day, when he was out and about his way he saw a tractor that has attached carts to pull rocks. Bostwick thought: "Dang, that would do for a dog train." Thus, the dog train was born.


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