7 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Furry Friend on National Pet Day

7 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Furry Friend on National Pet Day

Did you know that April 11th is National Pet Day? Now you do!

We celebrate every year to recognize and appreciate how lucky we are to have faithful furry, feathery, scaly, or slimy companions. This holiday is a special reminder for us to remember and take excellent care of those unheard voices who praise us and thank us wordlessly for our care every day.

So, to celebrate this year, here are seven things you can do with your pets to make this pet day special:

1. Look After Your Pet’s Hygiene

Unless your pet is a fish, few of our cuddly companions relish the idea of taking a bath. But, like good hygiene with humans, bathing and caring for your pets is a great way to help them live more comfortably. 

This care could look like bathing them, taking them in to be groomed, trimming their nails, or cleaning their teeth. Giving your pets a good cleaning is probably not something that comes to mind unless your pet has been rolling around in the mud, so making it a pet day tradition is a good idea!

These things are beneficial for your pet, but they are likely to help you feel better as the pet owner. Do you like getting a whiff of your dog’s breath? If it’s unbearable, take some time to care for their mouth and teeth. You’ll thank yourself later when your pet snuggles up against your legs!

2. Clean Your Pet’s Living Area

It’s easier to see that a fish tank needs more cleaning than a dog cushion. So, wherever your pet stays, think about giving it a once-over. 

Cleaning can become a dreaded routine, something you don’t want to do until it’s unavoidable. What better way to show your pets your appreciation than cleaning up their living space?

If they have a bed, throw it in the washing machine. Is their food or water bowl dirty? Wash out all the grime that has collected around the edge. These things will not only help improve your pet’s living area, but you’ll also feel much more self-confident as a pet owner. 

3. Upgrade Their Home

Maybe you took one look at where your pet slept and wondered how you could ever have let them live somewhere so run down. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade!

Is your puppy too big for its first bet? Is the doghouse looking a little cramped? Life happens. If you feel bad about your pet’s living space, show them you will make it better by getting them something new this year!

There are advantages to upgrading your pet’s living space apart from a happier companion, although this is a reward itself. You could also take advantage of the opportunity to add a little flair to your interior design.

There are plenty of ways to help your pet feel more comfortable and help your home look trendy, too! Perhaps you could get a themed doghouse for the backyard? Or add to the rustic theme in your living room with a unique dog bed?

There are several ways you can incorporate your pet’s into your home's interior and exterior design!

4. Engage in Some Favorite Activities

There are two ways you can interpret this one: you’re pet’s favorite activities or your favorite activities. 

By thinking outside the traditional box, we don’t just mean taking your dog on a walk. Bring that little fluff ball outside to enjoy the sunshine while you read in a hammock.

Get creative in incorporating your furry friends into your favorite activities. Do you like swimming? Take your dog to a lake and play fetch with him. Do you enjoy watching movies? Set up a special place for your dog to snuggle while you binge one of your favorite shows.

5. Start New Habits with Your Pets

National Pet Day is a great time to start new habits. If you want to make it a new habit to take your dog to the dog park so she can play with other dogs, start that today!

Like planting a tree, the best time to start a habit is long ago. When is the second-best time? Today.

Just because you have failed to take your dog out for regular walks in the past doesn’t mean that’s going to be the case today. We all fall short of our expectations, but that’s no reason to keep doing what you always have been. 

Start doing morning walks and runs with your best friend at your side. Activities like this will keep you healthy and your connection with your pet strong!

6. Let Your Pet Indulge in Some Fun

Some animals have quirky enjoyments. Maybe they like running through sprinklers or enjoy chasing lasers. Give them the chance to revel in their favorite things. Make the time necessary so that your dog gets the right amount of fun. 

How often does your little friend get the chance to do something they love? Let them out of the house a little bit longer so they can enjoy themselves. By taking time to let your pet go wild doing something they want, you also get the fulfillment of seeing them having so much fun.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll even learn something new thing your pet loves!

7. Keep Your Car Clean with Seat Covers While Taking Your Pets on Adventures

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