8 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

8 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

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On August 26, we'll celebrate the ownership of dogs of all breeds. Whether pure or mixed breed, we take this day as an opportunity to thank our dogs for being a great pet.


What is National Dog Day?

National Dog Day started as a way to raise awareness to thousands of dogs that need to be helped and rescued. It also encourages the appreciation of family and working dogs like service dogs, bomb dogs, and law enforcement dogs.

National Dog Day Foundation created this event to promote the adoption of rescue dogs and to support local pet shelters. Since 2004, the foundation has saved more than 10,000 dogs. Today, the celebration of this day has spread across the globe with countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and Canada celebrating the event on the same day.

There are several ways to celebrate this day. Some people prefer spending time with their pet or buy them new toys. Others take advantage of this day to volunteer to dog welfare organizations.


Spoil Them with Attention

Take this opportunity to give them a lot of undivided love and attention. Play with them, snuggle, explore or even nap together. Dog's don't need a lot, all they want is your attention to feel loved.


Throw in a Party

Host a party and invite all your friends at home or a dog park for a celebratory play date. Your pet will get to play with all their pet friends and you'll get to provide them with delicious doggie treats. You can also throw in party favors that your human guests will enjoy.


Give them a Cake

Dog cakes are pastries with dog-friendly ingredients. You can make your own cakes and the best ingredients for such are pumpkin, potato, oat, sweet potato or rice. Unlike human cakes, dog cakes don't need to have sugar in them. There are specialty stores that sell cake if you're not into baking one.


Take them out on an Adventure

Dogs also love to go out on an adventure particularly if they go alongside their owner. Go out on a hike, boat trip or even surf with your pet for a day of an adventure that they will never forget.


Snap Selfies Together

Get you and your dog to dress up and post selfies together. Don't forget the hashtag #nationaldogday to commemorate the day. If your dog doesn't like wearing a hat or tie, you can simply use an app to add stickers before sharing to your social media.


Give them a Massage

Giving your dog a gentle massage is one way that you can show to your pet how much you love them. If you don't know how to do a doggy massage properly, take them to a professional dog massager at a pet spa.


Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

There are a lot of dogs that need a new family. Dogs who are in shelter homes are often euthanized if it got too crowded. One of the best things you can do to commemorate this day is to consider fostering or adopting some of these poor animals.


Take Toys to a Shelter

If you can't adopt or foster a dog even if you want to you can still help. Take a basket of new toys at a nearby dog rescue or dog shelter. The dogs will love these gifts and you'll love that you've brought these dogs joy this National Dog Day.

What will you be doing to celebrate National Dog Day? Please leave us a comment below!

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