6 Tips To Prevent Noise Anxiety This New Years Day

6 Tips To Prevent Noise Anxiety This New Years Day

6 Tips To Prevent Noise Anxiety This New Years Day


New Year is one of the nights we usually celebrate with a bang. From the parties all around the corner, the banging of pots and pans, and fireworks at 12am, New Year is the loudest celebration of the year.

With all the fun, noise and laughter you'll be having on that day, your dog will feel the exact opposite. The banging of the pots, loud cheers and laughter, and the fireworks your dog will feel as if their world is under attack. This is the reason why most dogs jump out of the windows, whine, and escape through locked doors. To help your pet get through New Years day, follow these tips:

Find their Comfort Zone
Dogs have their favorite hiding place in which they go when they are frightened. Let's just call it their comfort zone. This comfort zone could be their crate, underneath the bed or somewhere they can feel safe and secure. Find out where their comfort zone lies and if your dog is too big to be in a crate, place him in a room where he will feel safe.

Distract Them
You can distract your pet from the loud bangs of firework and outside noise by covering that sound. A music can help cover this sound but it shouldn't be just any kind of music. Classical sounds are known to help relieve your dog's anxiety.

If playing classical music doesn't work, try letting them watch TV. Let your dog watch his or her favorite show. Record that show if you can so you can play it for a few hours until the fireworks and noises have gone out.

You can also get them distracted by giving them something to play with. It could be your dog's favorite tennis ball, a chew toy, or new toys that he can play around that can distract him from the noise outside.

Get them Exercised
Take your dog outside and give him as much exercise as he can handle. In this way, your dog will be too tired to worry about the noise that he'll just stay put.

Ask Your Vet
Your vet should be able to give anti-anxiety prescription for your pet, but this will work only if you have a talked about it to your vet before. Most veterinarians will not give last-minute prescriptions if they haven't been diagnosed with noise anxiety.

Go out
If you expect that the neighborhood will be too noisy that none of these tips can work on your dog, then leave the place for a while. Go to your friends or family who live in a quiet place. You can also camp out in the woods or stay in a pet-friendly hotel to stay for the night.

Don't Ignore, Comfort Them
Ignoring your pet's anxiety won't do them any good. Instead, do what it takes to comfort them if they feel anxious or frightened. Leaving them alone will just make them feel more anxious; thus alleviating their feelings.

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