Car Seat Covers For Dogs

Car Seat Covers For Dogs

The joy, love, and excitement that dogs bring into our lives is immense. But so is the amount of fur they leave everywhere. Car seat covers for dogs have become a fashionable accessory that every dog-family should consider purchasing for a multitude of reasons.

What are the benefits of having a car seat cover for your dog? Whether your pup sheds a lot or if they are a short-haired breed that doesn’t require quite as much fur cleanup, car seat covers offer benefits for both you and your dog. They help keep your car clean from fur, protect against bathroom accidents while on the route, and they will help keep nervous travelers calm. 

You’ll want to consider the size of the cover you’ll need and other specifics that are focused on your dog and how they travel when deciding which one to purchase. Safety should always be your top priority.


The Benefits and Advantages of Car Seat Covers

When you think about car seat covers, the obvious main benefits that come to mind are preventing any damage to your seats and keeping them clean. This is a huge perk to owning a car seat cover, but it is not by any means the only one.

Traveling with your dog can be stressful for you and your pup in different ways. Whether it is a quick trip to the park or a long road trip, a car seat cover will be highly advantageous for both of you. 

The Benefits and Advantages of Car Seat Covers

Why Your Dog Will Appreciate It

We’ll start with reasons the dog will love it because let’s be honest – they’re the ones running the show.


Dogs appreciate familiarity. 

They know you, your scent, your home, the way the material of your couch feels, and everything about their environment. Their senses are heightened beyond what we can imagine. So, small changes to their environment can be a scary moment for them.

Some dogs love a good car ride. Head out the window, tongue flapping in the breeze, basking in every scent that wafts through the air. Others may try to hide so far under the seat that you’re worried they’re about to get stuck.

Either of these types of dogs will appreciate car seats as a comforting item that they are familiar with. But those nervous travelers will see a huge benefit from a car cover.

When they get into the car and can curl up into the car seat cover that they know is always there for them, it will help calm their nerves and make them feel safe.

Travel Tip: Before you put the cover in the car, let your dog sleep on it in the house. Let them get their scent on it, along with the comforting scents of home. Once they become used to it, place it in the car and take them on a short drive where they can become used to it being in the car and feel comforted by it.

Dogs appreciate familiarity.



Safety should be a top priority when considering any travel accessories for your dog. You should also consider different ways to make sure they are secure in case of an accident. 

Car seat covers offer options that will help enclose the backseat area so it will not only be preserved from fur and mess, but it will also help keep your dog secure and not trying to explore throughout the car.

This Plush Paws Standard Convertible Dog Car Seat is a great example. The design is comforting for them while also keeping them in the backseat zone.

They are designed to help keep your dog as safe as they will keep your new interior. If you have a pup that loves to try and hide under seats or go on an expedition, exploring new areas all over your car as you drive, then a seat cover will help keep them in one place.

The design is also meant to be comforting. Because of its design, the dog seat will feel like a personal zone where they can relax and feel safe.

You can still use your usual harness and attach it to the seat or seat belt. Car seat covers are designed so you can still access seatbelts and secure your dog with harnesses.

Plush Paws offers a great combo with the car seat and additional harnesses as one package. 

Travel Tip: If you are going on a more extended trip or are dealing with a nervous traveler, you can also accompany that car seat cover with a favorite toy or treat. Anything they can identify as something safe, familiar, or rewarding for them will help. Have it ready for them as soon as they jump in. The routine of knowing their comfy car seat cover, along with their favorite toy or a little treat, will be waiting for them in the car will help ease nerves.



Why You Will Appreciate It

Car seat covers are undoubtedly every neat-freak’s best friend. But even if you’re not overly meticulous about the appearance of your car, this will still be a big help.


Keeping Your Car Clean 

The car cover will help keep all that unwanted fur off your seats and floors. If you travel with your dog frequently, the hair can add up faster than you’d think. It collects all hair and is easy to take out and clean occasionally or roll with a link roller in between washing.

Aside from fur, these covers are a lifesaver after you’ve taken your dog to the park on a rainy day. Those paws pick up just about everything you wouldn’t want on your seats. Mud, dirt, grass, leaves, and everything else your dog picks up while they play outdoors will be kept off your seats. 

Keeping Your Car Clean

Preventing Allergies

If you have any friends or family members with allergies to your dog, the car seat cover is a great way to help them out. You can remove it any time they will be in the car, so there is no fur to trigger them.

There are also plenty of people with very mild allergies, so they are still able to have pets. But in those cases, extreme exposure to fur and dander can trigger it. Using a car seat cover makes it easy to wash and keep the area cleaner and fresher, removing irritants from the air in your car. 


Preventing Damage

If you own a large dog and any form of leather furniture, you already know where we’re going with this one. Those big paws love to puncture a nice leather seat. Using a car seat cover will help prevent any holes or punctures to your seats, whether they are leather or cloth. 

Waterproof car covers will also help prevent damage from a bathroom accident. A dog can be fully trained, but if they are nervous while traveling, accidents can quickly happen. These covers will help keep your car interior safe from any liquid as well. 

Purchasing Tip: There are a lot of different models of car seat covers that work for different types of cars. So, if you have a particular size or style you need, make sure to check out Plush Paws variety. For example, this Plush Paws Seat Cover offers access to your center console. No need to buy the first generic one you see when they come in so many different styles.

Keeping You and Your Pup Happy and Healthy

A car seat cover will be equally as beneficial to you and your dog. Keeping them safe, happy, and healthy will always be top priorities when it comes to travel. A car seat cover will help accomplish all of those goals while you keep your car clean, undamaged, and dog-friendly.

Keeping You and Your Pup Happy and Healthy

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