Dog Friendly Road Trip Destinations and Tips

Dog Friendly Road Trip Destinations and Tips

It’s time to start planning your trips for this next year, so if you’re looking for dog-friendly road trip ideas, you’re in the right place!

Road trips are a great way to experience new terrain and have memorable experiences for a reasonable price. Road tripping with your dog can be a memorable bonding experience, and the memories you make will last a lifetime. If you’re road tripping with your pal, you should have several dog-friendly road trip destinations on your list of places to go.

Cross Country Dog Road Trip Ideas

Are you heading on a cross-country road trip with your dog? Consider planning some of these general stops along the way!

  1. Dog Parks: Go on a cross-country road trip and hit different dog parks across the country. Catalog the experiences with photos and videos. 
  2. Explore the great outdoors: Taking your dog to pet-friendly national and state parks can be an excellent experience for both you and your pup.
  3. Travel the coastlines: The east and west coast have historic highways that can take you through ocean bluffs and open grasses. 
  4. Dog-centric vacation resorts: Find resorts or vacation spots with a pet package, perfect for you and your canine friend to explore and hang out. If you’re traveling across the country, try to hit a few along the way.
  5. Open roads: During cross-country trips, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hit the best routes in the country. You might have a dog that simply loves it when you roll the windows down and they get to stick their tongue out. Find back roads and highways that offer your dog a bunch of new scents and sights. Enjoying the open air is the best way for your pup to get the most out of the ride and is possible for any of these cross-country road trip dog ideas.
  6. Dog-friendly attractions: Visiting dog-friendly road trip destinations will be a fun experience for both of you! Get creative with these intersections of dog-friendly and human-friendly places. More and more locations and entertainment experiences are catering to people who have dogs.

1. Dog Parks

These parks are built for you and especially your dog to have a good time. As you travel the country, make a list of all the places you want to hit, see if any of these