How to Relieve Your Dog of Boredom

How to Relieve Your Dog of Boredom

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Unlike us, dogs have limited things to do to entertain themselves. They can't go out alone to get to the park or even have a job. This means that it is up to us to give them things to do throughout the day, especially when we're out for a long time.

If your dog is making a big mess every time you come home, chances are your dog is bored. When they are bored, they are looking for things to do, even if that's not the things you expect. Here are some signs that your dog is bored.

Starts to have destructive behavior like chewing carpets, shoes, sofa, etc.
Seeking attention like barking, jumping, or whining. Dogs are honest creatures that are why when they are bored you'll know right away. Your dog might come right at you to nudge your hand, whine grumbles, and do other things to get what they want. When left alone, your dog may bark at anything that comes around like a squirrel, a lizard. Some dogs are known to bark at neighbors for no reason. The last thing you need is a noise complaint from your neighbors.

Follows you around everywhere. Does your dog follow you wherever you go? This may be because your pet is bored. We are our dog's main entertainment as we make these decisions for our pets. They can't go out and go to the park on their own. This is why whenever you go up and do something, they are curious and follow you.

But, not all dogs follow you out of boredom. Some dogs enjoy your company and some are bred to be dependent on you. If your dog follows you, then they aren't bored. But if they got that excited look on their face as if your dog is anticipating for this moment, then your dog may be bored.

Gets out of your home all the time. When we are at the same enclosed space the whole time with nothing to do, then we do what we can to get out of it. This is true to dogs as well. When you find out that your dog has gone out of the fence, or have found ways to get out despite your efforts of keeping them in, then these are sure signs of them getting bored.

Their greetings are hyperactive when you get home. No pets will do what our dogs can when we go home as whenever we arrive we are greeted with a warm and happy welcome. But, when your dog acts very excited zooming around, jumping up and down then he might have been bored all do. Seeing a familiar face is the reason your dog's energy explode like that.

How To Relieve Your Dog's Boredom

According to certified canine behavior counselor and specialist, Tiffany Talley of All Things Canine, any breed of dog can become bored. "When you come home from work at the end of the day, that's when our dog's day is just beginning. This is where family interaction starts", she added.

Here are some ways to rid our furry friends of boredom:

Give them a daily routine. If you haven't done yet, then set a schedule for your dog to eat, go out, and play. It's amazing how our dogs stick to these schedules even if they can't tell time. Dog's are creatures of habit, so when you give them a daily routine, they know what to expect. When we feed our dogs at the same time every day, they won't worry about their next meal. This is also true for exercise and walks in the park. Having a consistent schedule helps prevent your dog from getting bored.

Get them to exercise. Dr. Abby Codin, a veterinarian at Painted Sky Veterinary services explains that boredom and obesity go hand and hand with dogs. When they are bored, they are not moving around much; thus, leading to obesity. All you have to do to get them some exercise is to walk them at the park every day. Don't stick to a single location, instead, take your dog to a new environment. As simple as taking them out for a ride in the car to a new place can keep your dog exercised and entertained.

Make an entertaining mealtime. Get rid of your dog's boredom by changing their feeding routine a bit. Instead of the usual, try out some mentally stimulating exercises.  A puzzle feeder, for example, gives them the food whenever they solved a puzzle. Another example is bowls that reward them with food whenever they press a button. Ball puzzles work too or anything that will get them challenged and entertained.

Give new toys. The same old toys get boring after a while. When they get bored, they look for inappropriate toys to give them satisfaction. The worst they can do is scavenge through your trash or messing up your sofa couch. Get them new toys or even better, mix up your dog's toy stash to keep them interested. Hide or rotate their toys over time so when they get back to their stash, it looks as if it has a new toy in it. Play games by hiding toys in your house or your yard much like a scavenger game. Your pet will spend the