Is Dog Daycare Healthy for Your Dog?

Is Dog Daycare Healthy for Your Dog?

Supervised dog daycare can be an ideal solution for busy pet parents and their fur babies; however, not all pups are cut out for care centers. 

If you’re considering enrolling your new puppy or long-time best friend into a daycare center, you won’t want to miss today’s blog. We’re covering all things daycare related, including the pros and cons. 

Dog Daycare Explained

Doggie daycare is similar to daycare for kids. You get to drop off your pooch in the morning on your way to work, and while you’re gone, they’ll receive plenty of attention. It’s a dog socialite’s dream! Don’t worry about your pet sitting alone in a confined space with nothing to do; these care centers set up curriculums based on your dog’s temperament and specific needs. 

Dog Daycare Explained

Your dog will be able to enjoy their day by befriending similar pups, playing with staff, or snuggling up on a fancy couch or bed to receive love and affection. Additionally, they’ll also have the opportunity to spend time indoors or outdoors, which is better than waiting all day for their owners to come back home. 

Does doggie daycare sound appealing? Before you can sign up your furry friend, however, there’s a checklist of considerations you need to take care of. Find out more below. 

Make Sure Your Dog is Vaccinated

In any area with high dog density, vaccinations are a must. It’s crucial to talk to the staff at the facility you’re interested in to find out which vaccines they mandate. Most care centers require parvo, kennel cough, dog flu, and rabies shots. Furthermore, you’ll need to consult with your pup’s veterinarian because they’ll have a better idea of any new diseases that may be spreading; they can tell you if your dog is at risk based on their age and medical history. 

Even if your dog has received multiple vaccinations and you’re confident they’re 100% healthy, it’s important to remember that vaccines don’t prevent everything. Much like getting a flu shot doesn’t guarantee you won’t get the flu, the same applies to animal vaccines. 

Make Sure Your Dog is Vaccinated

Know Your Dog’s Tolerance Levels for Other Dogs and Humans

Although daycares are an excellent place to keep your dog entertained, you shouldn’t use them as a starting point to socialize your pup. If you have a puppy, consider enrolling them into playgroups and training classes; this will give you a good idea of how they respond to other dogs. Equally as important is observing how well your pooch responds to meeting new people. After all, some dogs are friendlier with other dogs than they are with humans. Having a baseline understanding of your dog’s social skills around other pups and humans will help you decide if daycare is a match for them. 

Did you know that dogs follow a spectrum of sociability? Your dog’s position in this spectrum will fluctuate depending on their age. Here are the four types of dog temperament:

Dog social: Most puppies are social butterflies. Dogs who are “dog social” appreciate the company of every dog; enjoy and seek out other pups; and tolerate and may even encourage roughhousing. Sadly, most dogs will out-grow this stage the older they become. 

Dog tolerant: Tolerant dogs get along with most other hounds; maybe playful, but are often neutral; have a long fuse and sharp communication skills; do well on a leash around other dogs, and need supervision and limited direction from humans.

Know Your Dog’s Tolerance Levels for Other Dogs and Humans

Dog selective: These dogs have a small circle of “approved” friends; will partake in scuffles if they break out; often have short fuses; may attack different dogs; dislike certain play styles; less than stellar on a leash around other dogs; and require lots of guidance from humans.

Dog aggressive: Dogs that fall under this category generally have fewer friends; perhaps one only other housemate dog or fly solo; may have zero dog friends; may grow angry if you try leashing them; and need the knowledgeable support, direction, and patience from humans to have a successful dog to dog interactions. This trait is rare in puppies and mature dogs without a history of behavioral issues. 

Pros of Dog Daycare

Exercise: One of the primary reasons pet owners sign their fur babies up for daycare is so that they can get their daily dose of exercise. Dogs can walk, run, and play ball or fetch, which also doubles as great mental stimulation. 

Prevents destructive behaviors at home: Another excellent pro of signing up your pooch for daycare is that it can prevent destructive behaviors at home. If your furry friend is a chewer, particularly a boredom chewer, they can release pent-up energy at daycare with other dogs; this can tire them out. 

Other owners sign up their dogs for daycare because when they get bored, they bark all day, disrupting the neighborhood. Staff at daycare centers expect dogs to bark and roughhouse, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s behavior while they’re in good hands. 

Unlimited companionship and supervision: The supervision and companionship a dog can receive at daycare remain unmatched. Having professional pet caretakers around to ensure your dog is doing fine, getting fresh air, and making pals is beneficial to their overall health. Some dogs only socialize with their immediate family, keeping them in a bubble of familiarity; this can become monotonous for social butterfly pups. 

Pros of Dog Daycare

Cons of Dog Daycare

Although daycares are inherently an excellent option for busy pet owners, some dogs are better off staying at home for the following reasons:

  • They may grow overstimulated being surrounded by several dogs and people, leading to anxiety; this can translate to behavioral issues at home. 
  • They may over-exercise, which is especially common in teenage dogs and high-energy breeds that have a difficult time calming down. 
  • They may experience an increased risk of infectious diseases, injuries, or parasites from being surrounded by different dogs from different households. 

Red Flags to Watch out For

Sadly, not all daycare centers are created the same. Steer clear from ones that exhibit the following red flags:

  • If the center you’re considering dodges your questions or doesn’t have a plan in place, this indicates they lack professionalism. Your dog deserves better than that!
  • Cleanliness is imperative to keep illnesses at bay. If you walk into a facility that looks grimy and smells bad, you should exercise caution and ask the staff about their cleaning protocols.

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Overall, we recommend dog daycare for most pups, but it’s vital to understand your dog’s tolerance levels and check out the facility you’re considering in person. After all, your dog is part of your family. 

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