Prevent Canine Cancer With These Tips!

Prevent Canine Cancer With These Tips!

More and More Pet Owners are realizing that Canine cancer is becoming one of the commonest causes of death in Dogs, but this can be prevented and controlled. Breeds that are prone to cancer are large breeds like the German Shepherd, Great Danes and rottweilers. According to the NCCF ie The National Canine Cancer Foundation, Canine Cancer Diagnosis occur in almost one of every three dog in their lifetime, quite alarming for Dog Parents to hear. Common Canine Cancers are,

Hemangiosarcoma, cancer of the blood vessels, Lymphoma which is found in the lymph nodes or in the bone marrow. Mast cell tumors, the most common form of canine cancer especially in mixed breeds like boxers, labradors and beagles, their tumors are mostly found in the skin and respiratory tracts with a lesion in the skin as a sign. Mammary cancer are cancers common in most female dogs, that are either not spayed, or were not spayed early enough until after about 2 years old. Melanoma cancer of the skin and Osteosarcoma cancer of the bone also commonly affect large breed dogs between the ages of 4-7 years old. Melanomas will normally manifest with a sore around the mouth, or a swollen paw while in Osteosarcoma there ma be a swelling or lameness. 

Nip these cancers in the bud before they manifest themselves by first avoiding overfeeding your furry friend since excessive weight gain may lead to health complications including cancer. Incorporate a lot of anti inflammatory ingredients in your dog's diet, and try as much as you can to eliminate exposure of your dog to cancer causing toxins. Although vaccines are known to protect Dogs from infections and diseases, try to avoid unnecessary vaccines till your dog is 18-24 months in age. When it come's to spaying although it's advised that you spay your female dog or neuter your male dog in order to protect against certain diseases like cancer, ovarian or uterine cancer is thought to be common among female dogs that are spayed and testicular in male dogs that are neutered.

You can also help prevent cancer in your dog by leading a healthy lifestyle, more exercise, spend a good amount of time in the daylight which is very beneficial for your dog, and help's keep him/her in optimum health. Pay attention to the emotional well being of your dog by reducing situation or events that may lead to depression, stress and frustration which can also increase the risk of certain diseases especially canine cancer.

Reduce usage of flea and tick products which contain a lot of chemicals that may be harmful as they can also be present in some dog collars. Try to add certain foods to your dog's diet that can help keep cancer at bay like:

Pumpkin                                        Coconut                     Blueberries



        Apples                                                  Turmeric


 These foods enrich your dog's diet and help's protect the body from diseases and infections. Watch Out for these signs and symptoms in your dog and report them to your Vet as soon as possible, A sore that does not heal, sudden weight loss, unpleasant or unusual body odor, loss of energy, ongoing lameness or stiffness, discharge from any opening in the body.           

Cancer is a vicious disease, protect your furry friend from the ravages of cancer with these handy tips and save a furry life today.!          
































































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