These signs will warn you of an impending dog bite

These signs will warn you of an impending dog bite

There's no doubt Dog are loving, fun and one of the most sociable furry friends around, but we also know they can be aggressive, anti social, and sometimes a danger to man. Unfortunately most times by the time we are able to detect that a dog is dangerous and is going to harm or bite it's too late and then the damage has already occured. Although in some cases we can prevent a dog from biting, being alert and on the lookout for possible warning signals that a dog is about to bite is hard to tell in most situation, it's helpful if one can tell a dog is about to bite before it actually bites.if you are not familiar with a dog, or a dog has a history of being aggressive watch out for these potential warning signals that a dog is about to bite.

In most cases the first sign a Dog is about to bite is by Avoiding eye contact with the person at hand, most dogs avoid eye contact to show they are anxious, uncomfortable or unsettled with what is happening or a situation, whenever you are playing with a dog and you feel It's avoiding eye contact with you, proceed cautiously from then and take time to gauge his responses before you proceed further.

If a Dog doesn't avoid contact with you it may also Wag his tail, although tail wagging could also mean excitement or happiness, with excitement there's tail wagging, the whole body moves, and the dog is not still, but when it's likely to bite the body becomes still, the back is arched and only the tail is wagging, so always make sure you don't confuse the two when you are petting or playing with a dog. If you are not sure, you can pull back a little and watch if the dog will move away or show a sign that it wants more or likes what you are doing.

A Dog that is either anxious or nervous may also Growl, or be snapping and showing his teeth at you, more often than not this is usually one of the final stages of a likely dog bite. At this stage it is advised that you pull entirely away no matter how sure you think the dog is or how familiar you are with the dog. You may also see the whites of a dog's eye especially when they feel threatened, where as when they are relaxed and happy the white is completely hidden, when a dog is likely to bite their gaze is steady and intense and they maintain eye so they stray off their target, this means their body may move but their eyes dont, resulting in you seeing only the white of their eyes.

All these signs, is a signs of a potential dog bite, whenever you feel uneasy around any dog and you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate, move away. Don't wait, because although a dog may not be able to tell you its about to bite, often the display many of these signs that tell us enough to know a bite is imminent. 

Don't forget the saying that "Any dog, you put him in a corner, no matter if they're vicious or not, they are going to bite back."



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