9 Things Your Dog Should Never Do in the Car

9 Things Your Dog Should Never Do in the Car
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Our dogs love car travel regardless if it is a short trip to the mart or a 6-hour car ride. But safety should be your top priority when taking them out on a trip. Are you sure you have done a good job of keeping your pet safe? Here are the things you should never do when traveling with your pet in the car.

Riding Unrestrained

In case of a sudden stop, an unrestrained dog will become a projectile. Your dog will hit everything in its path and potentially injuring your pet. Secure your pet in the car with the use of a dog harness or best if you put them in crates.

Sit in the Passenger Seat

Riding in the front seat of the car is not safe. In an event of an accident and the airbags deploy your pet could get injured. Your pet could also be a distraction in the front seat particularly if they are not restrained. Some cars have weight sensors or off switch to prevent the airbags from being deployed. If your vehicle has none, don't risk letting your pet sit on the front seat.

Ride in Your Lap

Riding with your dog in your lap could not only cause accidents. It could also be a huge distraction while you're riding. For example, when you need to maneuver , your dog being on your lap can prevent you from doing that. If you hit a hard bump, your pet could be crushed when the airbag deploys by accident.

Using a Low-Quality Harness

Nowadays you can buy a dog harness in every pet stores. Unfortunately, not all of these harnesses are made to keep you secured in case of a crash. When looking for a dog harness, the product should be approved by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). This means that the harness has been crash-tested and it meets the standards for dog safety in the car. Products who met the CPS certification will usually have logos on the harness.

Letting Your Dog Run Loose on the Truck's Flatbed

Traveling with your dog untethered at the back of your pickup truck is simply an accident waiting to happen. When you let your pet loose, you endanger your pet and the motorists behind you. A sudden turn, abrupt stop or hit a bump on the road can possibly catapult your pet into traffic. Injuring them or even killing your furry friend in the process. If they do survive, expect a huge medical bill to get your pet well again.

Ignoring your Dog's Problems when Riding a Car

Don't ignore the fact that if your dog has car sickness you can't take them out with you on car rides. Some dogs can deal with it over time, but others have a hard time with motion sickness. If that is the case, you need to consult your vet immediately for treatments.
When your dog has fear of being in the car, do not expect that it would go away after several car rides. Try to understand the reason for your dog's fear. Is it because of their traumatic past experiences or it's their first time? Take baby steps at a time to help them have fun riding again.

You Only Visit The Vet During Car Rides 

The only time you take your dog for car rides is when you visit the vet. Your dog will associate car rides to a visit to the vet and will likely dread a car ride. Your pet wouldn't be excited or won't even be willing to come with you. Don't just go to the vet and come home after. Take them out on nature parks, dog parks or even a ride just around the block.

Not Knowing States Laws About Dogs in Car

Certain states have their laws imposed when it comes to riding with your dog in the car. Not following these rules could get you fined or worst incarcerated. The state laws could be from how to safely transport your pet in the truck bed, keeping your pet leashed or leaving your pet alone in the car. Take note that even if the state does not impose specific laws, local ordinances may be in place.

Not Protecting Your Car's Interior

Before you start thinking of taking your dog on car rides, you need to make sure that your car's interior is well protected. This makes it important for you to have a dog seat cover. Any dog owner can enjoy having seat covers as it keeps furs, dirt and pet dander from hiding in the deepest sections of your car seats. A waterproof dog seat covers prevent odors, lingering stains and keeps water away from your seats. Dog seat covers also keep your pet in place making the ride safer and more comfortable for your pet.

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