Dog Bites: What You Need to Know

Dog Bites: What You Need to Know
Dog bites are our perfect companion. It has been proven to reduce stress and are excellent playmates for our children. Sometime, your best friend may bite. But don't fret, it could be a lot of reasons why they bite. It doesn't mean that they'll bite again whenever they see you.

Dog bites should not be ignored. It poses a huge health risk to the communities and society. According to The American Veterinary Association, there are 4.5 million people who get bitten by dogs every year.

If you live with dogs or live around dogs know the risks and learn how to enjoy being with dogs without getting bitten.

Why do Dogs Bite?

Dogs bite for plenty of reasons, but it is usually a reaction to something. Dogs bite because they are scared or because they feel threatened. They bite to protect something valuable to them like food or a toy.

Here are other reasons why dogs bite:

  • The dog does not learn bite inhibition yet; thus it bites the victim by accident.
  • The dog views the person as a prey item because of the actions the person has done.
  • The dog is grumpy and is experiencing a bad day.
  • The dog is protecting its resting place.
  • The dog is protecting its puppies.

Warning Signs that Your Dog Might Bite

After a dog bites, the person who has been bitten will say that he or she don't have any idea why that happened. However, there is a good chance that the dog is already warning the person and he or she doesn't know the signs.


Yawning, Licking and Avoiding Eye Contact

This is one of the first signs that your dog is uncomfortable. These signs do not necessarily mean that a bite will happen, but it indicates that your dog is anxious so the person needs to back off. If the dog isn't able to find a way to get rid of themselves from the situation, the dog could bite.


Wagging Tail

A wagging tail is a sign that your dog is happy, so why is it a sign that they'll bite? Wagging of their tale is a sign that they are happy, but it is also a sign that they are on the edge. So how can you tell one from the other? Simple. If the dog wags not only the tail but the whole body, it is a sign that the dog is happy and is too excited to stay still. If the dog is about to bite, their tails are raised slowly and their body is perfectly still. This shows that your dog is in an uncomfortable situation.


Fur Stands Up

Another sure sign that the dog is about to bite is when you see a raised fur. When the dog feels threatened, the fur on the back or the neck may stand up.

Rigid Body

When the dog is happy, every part of their body is relaxed. If the dog is on the edge, every muscle of their body is stiff. Their ears will be perked, they will be standing square and the tails are raised as if it is frozen. This shows that the dog is uncomfortable with the situation around them.


The White of the Eyes Are Visible

When a dog is relaxed, the whites of their eyes are hidden. When you can see the whites of their eyes, it shows that the dog is about to bite. If the dog feels threatened, they will not take their eyes off the threat and will maintain intense eye contact. No matter how they move their head, their eyes stay locked on the target that is why you are able to see the whites of their eyes.

Your dog will not be able to tell that they are uncomfortable in a situation, so take note and back off when the dog displays these signs.