Tips for Choosing a Pet Carrier for Travel

Tips for Choosing a Pet Carrier for Travel

Pet carriers are very useful when traveling especially in areas where a dog on a leash is not allowed. Pet carriers are essential for airline travel so be sure that you meet your airline regulations before traveling on air with your pet.

Here's a quick tip in choosing a pet carrier for travel.

Choose the right size

Regardless if your dog is big or small, the size of the pet carrier will determine the outcome of our trip. Too small will force your dog to cram into the carrier and do him more harm than good. Too big could prevent it from bringing your pet in the cabin area when traveling by air. The height of the case should be on your dog's shoulders and not on the top of the head. If traveling by air, ensure that the case is small enough to fit in the cabin, but still roomy that it allows your pet to turn around completely.

Bigger is not always better

Dogs should have enough room to lie down comfortably, stand up, and perform normal actions in the pet carrier. Having ample space in the pet carrier ensure that your dog is comfortable and relaxed throughout the trip.

Take note that bigger is not always better. If there is too much space, your pet could think that it has enough room to relieve themselves in the carrier.

Check the quality

Pet carriers are expensive, but don't try to cut down on the prices because your pet's safety is your priority. If you plan to take on a plane trip with your dog, you need to ensure that the pet carrier passes FAA standards in pet carrier.

A good pet carrier may be expensive but it will be sturdy and will have all the safety features your dog needs. It will also have features that contribute to your pet's comfort and peace of mind.

The features to look for in a good carrier is the mesh ventilation, quality zippers that don't fall of, has a good visual access to your pet from above and a pocket to keep important items near your pet.

Airlines require that pet carriers have mesh ventilation on both size, has a water repellent material, padding for comfort, and should have enough room for your dog to turn around.

Ensure that it meet your pet's needs

It is essential for your pet to have adequate air flow in and out of the carrier. It should have meshed ventilation around the carrier so there's plenty of air coming in and out of the carrier. The sides should have small windows so that air can flow through and so that dogs can see what is going on around them.

Think of the safely of your pet when buying a pet carrier. Stay away from spring loaded doors as they have the tendency to slam shut. The doors should be firmly secured and not pop open even if you dropped it by accident.

Consider a pet carrier with wheels

If you plan to travel most of the time with your furry friend, then it will be beneficial to have the ones that have wheels in it. Dogs are fairly heavy, so pet carriers with wheels can make it much easier for you to transport it.

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