We often pride ourselves of the fact that our furry friends are the best companions, they understand us so much better than humans and add so much meaning to our lives, but have asked ourselves how meaningful we make their lives, or the quality of time we spend with them if we are to be rated? Your Dog may be your perfect companion, but is it vice versa? Don't get stuck in a routine when it come's to making your Dog's life meaningful and enjoyable.

Dogs are Social beings, and are meant to lead active lives so one way you can beat boredom when it comes to fun activities with your Dog is take time and know your Dog very well, there may be things you do together that you may enjoy but he doesn't. Have time and invent new ways to make play time more interesting, like playing Hide and Seek with your Dog, Tug Of War, or even treasure hunt. Make life an Adventure to avoid getting stuck in a rut, take walks, exercise together if possible, do yoga give him jobs like asking him/her to fetch things for you. You can also add chewy toys to his collection of toys, have a dance party where you play music just the two of you, or with the kids and just dance and have fun.

If You have friends who have dogs, you can set up play dates with their dogs so you furry friend will also have time with his 'Kind'. Dogs are expensive to maintain and require a lot of attention, one way you can also add some spark to your Dog's life is to get him a Baby Pool, where he can have his own space and play around in, fill it with his favorite toys and let him have fun, Dogs love to swim. 

Giving your Dog a pamper session is sure to make him/her feel loved, you can set up a spa day at home or even take him to a Dog Salon for that special treatment, giving them a good rub or massage will also do if you are pressed for time for a spa day. You can also make time to find out more about the breed you have and what makes them tick. 

You can also make grooming time more interesting by adding some fun during grooming time either at the Vet or home, take pictures whiles at it for the memories. Learn to also Dog talk, let him have the occasional sniff it's good for your dog. Masking him special clothes foe special days or buy him a special cloth for a special day like a birthday is sure to go a long way your dog will not forget. Occasional walks to the parks also help ease boredom for both you and your Dog, or sometimes just chilling out at home, just the two of you together in the couch with a bowl of popcorn and his favorite treat is enough.

Any time well spent with your furry companion is enough and go a long way, so make the time no matter how busy you are and show your Dog you appreciate them too, Dogs never forget!

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