What’s The Best Way To Care For Your Dog’s Teeth

What’s The Best Way To Care For Your Dog’s Teeth
If you’ve noticed some not-so-attractive stains on your dog’s teeth and he hasn’t had a proper tooth brushing, keep reading to learn the best ways to clean your dog’s teeth without making them hate you.


Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

The best way to clean your doggo’s teeth is any way that works. Ideally, brushing them like we brush our teeth is best, but that’s not usually possible without the help of a vet. So, find ways that work best for you and them. Let’s talk about nine of these ways and tips to caring for your dog’s teeth.


Nine Ways to Clean Dog’s Teeth

Let’s face it—cleaning a dog’s teeth is a chore that both of you would rather not have to do. After all, who wants to mess with a dog’s sharp teeth, without some fear, he may not like it and try and squirm away, or worse, bite you? It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean them because oral care is vital to your pup’s overall health, and since there are no doggie dentures, keeping pup’s teeth clean is crucial to keeping their teeth. If your fur baby refuses to let you brush their teeth, there are more effective ways than taking a toothbrush to your pup’s teeth. Here are the nine ways to clean your dog’s teeth, so they stay healthy and clean and their mouth stays fresh


Dental Bones

Let’s start with the one your dog probably loves the best. Dental treats or bones are all the rage now, and why wouldn’t they be? Give your dog something he already loves and clean his teeth in the process? Why yes, it’s a no-brainer. There are many choices in which to choose — for example, Purina DentaStyx that come in plain, beef, or minty flavor. Giving your dog one each morning will help keep his teeth clean all day. These bones are specially-designed to reduce tartar build-up, control plaque, and fresh pupper’s breath .there’s also Triple Enzyme DentalStick formulas from iHeartDogs™. They’re developed by veterinarians and manufactured in the U.S. These sticks are grain and gluten-free, low calorie, and low fat—perfect for any dog.

Dog Treats

Natural Dental Sprays

A good option to keep your fur baby’s teeth healthy and sparkling is a natural dental spray—that is IF your dog will hold still long enough for you to pick up their lips on both sides to apply it. The dental spray helps prevent and reduce tartar build-up and plaque, as well as control the bacteria that causes the bad dog breath. The trick is spraying it on the affected teeth, so use caution.


Dental Chew Toys

Just like dental bones, chew toys make for a good way to clean your pup’s teeth. Since they’re designed with various textures, they can scrape off plaque and satisfy your dog’s instinct to chew. Of course, with any chew toy, ensure they can’t swallow any large pieces and pick ones that fit your dog’s size and chewing habits.


Healthy Diet

Check your Collie’s diet. Is she eating healthy? Does their dog food have good vitamins and minerals that help keep their teeth healthy? If you’re feeding her table scraps and a bunch of sweet treats, consider reducing her consumption. Dogs aren’t like humans, so they shouldn’t be fed like one. They need daily protein, iron, and vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth and overall well-being. Many new dog foods have fresh ingredients that improve their health, including their teeth, so consider changing her diet for better ingredients.

 Healthy Dog Diet

Coconut Oil

Okay, this might sound weird, but keep reading. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, which helps promote dental health, thus, preventing plaque and tartar build-up that leads to cavities. Grab a vegetable your dog likes, such as a carrot and poke holes in it. Drip some liquid coconut oil into the holes and then stick the carrot into the freezer for a few minutes. Feed it to your pup and watch him go crazy. Note, you might want to take him outside for this one since it makes a big mess. However, the oil will clean his teeth safely and effectively.


Tooth Wipes

If you can wipe your dog’s teeth with one of these, a tooth wipe is great for brushing their teeth. All you do is run a small cloth wipe along the edges of their teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar and bacteria.


Bully Sticks

Even though they smell ghastly for you, your puppy will LOVE these bully sticks. They might just be the all-time favorite chew for most dogs. Not only do these tough sticks occupy your dog for longer, but they also clean their teeth effectively. Supervise your puppy while he chews on these, so they again don’t swallow large pieces that can get stuck in their airways. Keep in mind; the sticks are high in calories, so use them sparingly.


Deer and Elk Antlers

By chewing on antlers, your dog’s teeth stay clean since they massage their gums and teeth, removing plaque deposits. And, because they are tough, one chew could last for days or weeks. Note to choose a product that’s a naturally shed antler and avoid any velvet antler products cut from live animals.


Raw Dog Bones

These make a great choice for keeping a dog’s teeth healthy and free of plaque. Because of their mildly abrasive texture, raw meaty bones help remove plaque. The bones are generally safe and digestible for most dogs if they’re not cooked. Avoid weight-bearing leg bones from larger animals. Although small, there is a risk when handling these raw bones because of the bacteria, so use caution when handling them.


Tips for Doggie Dental Care

Here are some tips to consider that might also help with your doggo’s oral health care:


  • Dry dog food may be better than wet - The jury is out on this one. Some vets think soft foods typically tend to stick to a dog’s teeth and cause decay than crunchy kibble; however, dry dog food can also be ineffective since they don’t get near the gum line, the crucial zone.
  • Start early with oral care - Good habits start young, so they may take to a toothbrush when they’re pups and keep the practice if you’re consistent.
  • Schedule them for yearly physicals - Just as humans need physicals to ensure our health is good, so do dogs. Take them to the vet and have their teeth checked. The vet can ascertain whether they need dental work or how healthy their teeth are. Sometimes, canine dental cleanings are necessary to get below the gum line, so check with your vet to see if your dog needs professional cleaning.
  • Give them plenty of fresh water - Acidic drinks can cause cavities in humans, same with dogs. Only give your dog clean water, so their teeth stay healthy.

 Dog Drinking Water

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