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Plush Paws hammock car seat cover with harness

Price: $46.00 + Free Shipping & Free Returns
Size: 55" W x 58" L (Best fit for cars, SUVs and trucks) 
Colors: Available in Black, Tan, or Gray 


See the Difference

The Plush Paws premium seat covers feature waterproof silicone backing. Unlike other seat covers that leak everywhere, the Plush Paws covers repel liquids to keep your seats stain and smell free. 


Simplicity meets Ingenuity ...The XL seat cover fits perfectly in my 2016 Ram 2500 Drew Cab...Door Covers A+++++

Outstanding product , we installed in it less than 10 minutes...Let me start out by saying that I received no incentives for this review.

For anyone that don't want to sift through all the reviews here is what I like about the seat cover

1. There are quick disconnect buckle straps that go around front and rear head rests

2. The Seat Belt slots line up perfectly with the driver and passenger seat belt latches on my Ram

3. The handles that tuck in-between the seat and back rest are awesome. My border collie isn't budging that thing

4. Material seems high quality (hopefully I will get years of use out of it)

5. The XL seat cover fits perfectly in my 2016 Ram 2500 Drew Cab...Its almost as if it was measured for it my truck

Tom P.

Free included safety straps (for 2 dogs) may save your dogs life like it saved my dogs life

WAY better then the looser "other brand" of these I have bought and thrown out.

This one covers the seats adequately and stays in place. Includes 2 sizes of dog anchors and chest straps for dogs.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. I had an accident in my previous car (hit a stalled truck at 2:am on the freeway with no lights or warning of any kind by the owners) at 65MPH and spent 4 days in hospital. BUT. my dog had the dog anchor and chest straps like this unit includes (for FREE) and she was uninjured except for cut over her eye. I was knocked unconscious but she was unhurt.

do NOT drive on freeway without a chest strap and anchor (from strap to seat belt buckle) It may save your dogs life in event of a bad crash like I had.

Calvin T.

Plush Paws hammock car seat cover with harness