Can Corgis Handle Cold Weather?

Can Corgis Handle Cold Weather?

If you’re interested in adopting or buying a corgi but live in an icy region, you may be wondering if corgis handle cold weather well. 

When it comes to these cute dogs and their ability to withstand cold temperatures, you can rest assured that they’re cut out to be in the cold. After all, dogs and several other animals have evolved to live in conditions that are less than comfortable. Amazingly, these creatures respond to their environment and can adapt to it accordingly to live long, healthy, and happy lives. 

Before we dive any deeper into a corgi’s winter habits, let’s go over some corgi basics. 


Can Corgis Handle Cold Weather?

Information on Corgis

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, colloquially known as the corgi, is one of the smallest house dogs in existence. These energetic little herders are affectionate and love making friends without being too needy. On average, most of these dogs are 10-12 inches at the shoulder and weigh a little under 30 pounds. Although they may be tiny, their stubby but powerful legs and deep chest equip them for a long day’s work—which usually just consists of running around and rough-housing. 

This type of dog is not to be underestimated as they are bright and love playing with their human family members. Best of all, they’re easy to train! They also make fantastic vigilant watchdogs thanks to their acute senses and “big dog” bark. All families can benefit from taking in this dog, as they long for belonging to a part of a group. It doesn’t get more loyal and loving than a corgi. 

So, when the weather gets cold, how do corgis react? Do they enjoy it or long for the warm summer months? Stay tuned to find out. 


Can Corgis Handle Cold Weather?

Yes, Corgis Handle Cold Weather Like a Champ!

Thanks to their resistant double coats, corgis actually enjoy cold weather and can handle temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit; however, they may feel slight discomfort, but not enough to keep them from wanting to run around outside. Did you know that a corgi’s coat, in its truest sense, serves as protection from the elements? 

Like most dogs, Corgis have strong survival instincts, and if they were to become frostbitten, they’d continue to live and do what they need to do to survive. Although corgis can handle the cold every now and then, when the temperature drops into the teens or lower, they can become quite sensitive. Regardless, this type of dog needs to be outside as much as possible, so it’s not a bad idea to set up an outdoor kennel for their comfort. You’ll know your fur baby is uncomfortable outside if they gravitate toward their indoor kennels and stick to the warmer areas of your home. 

All things considered, corgis drive in temperatures that are 85 degrees and warmer. So, what’s the perfect temperature for a corgi? Not too hot and not too cold! Both weather extremes can be harmful to all types of dogs, so it’s best to gauge your corgi’s needs on a day-to-day basis and continue taking them on walks during the summer and winter. 

Still, even if your corgi ends up loving the snow, it’s in their best interest to keep them warm so that they don’t develop health complications. 



4 Best Ways to Keep Your Corgi Warm During the Winter

Keeping your pups warm and comfortable during the winter months is of the essence so that they can live long, healthy lives. Although every dog is different and requires their own unique way of keeping them warm, generally, these following four tips will do the trick. 


1. Insulate Your Corgi’s Dog House

If your corgi has a second house (their dog house), make sure it’s insulated. The dog house’s floor should be lifted at least four inches off the ground and should be insulated with straw to prevent the cold from radiating up from the ground. It’s best to place another layer of straw on the floor and topping it with some warm bedding. This straw will allow your fur baby to create a nest that will keep them warm outside and reduce drafts. 


2. Keep Your Corgi Fed and Hydrated

This step may sound like a given because you should already be ensuring that your corgi has enough food and water throughout the day, but in the winter, you may need to do constant checks. Why? Depending on where you live, your dog’s water bowl runs the risk of freezing over, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re drinking unfrozen water rather than licking a giant ice cube. Luckily, you can treat your dog to a heated food bowl designed to stay outdoors (it’s never a bad idea to have an indoor and outdoor food bowl for your dog). 

Some pet owners even feed their dogs a little more during the cold months to keep their metabolism up, but it’s always best to check in with your dog’s veterinarian before making any drastic changes to their diet. 

3. Don’t Let Your Corgi Outdoors If There’s a Winter Weather Advisory 

Even though these beloved animals can certainly handle walking over the snow from time to time, you should refrain from letting them out if it’s unreasonably cold. Even if they have a perfectly insulated kennel, every dog should remain indoors for their health and safety, regardless of age and breed. We know that corgis are very likely to make cute puppy eyes when they want something, and they have tons of energy to burn, but if there’s a strong snowfall, they’re better off staying indoors and running up and down the stairs. 


4. Invest in Cozy, High-Quality Car Seat Covers

It’s no secret that car owners who take their dogs on winter adventures can benefit from high-quality dog car seat covers. Not only do car seat covers keep unwanted pet hair at bay, but velvet ones can also keep your fur baby warm. Best of all, luxurious car seat covers are snuggly enough for your corgi to fall asleep on! 



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Corgis handle cold weather better than some other dog breeds, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution and make sure they’re not outdoors for too long in the winter. If you go on a fun winter road trip this year and you decide to take your pooch with you, you can count on Plush Paws Products. We offer high-quality, velvet car seat covers to ensure your best friend rides in comfort and luxury. Check out our broad selection today!

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