How to Make Your Dog Feel Like a Part of Your Family this Thanksgiving (And Year-Round)

How to Make Your Dog Feel Like a Part of Your Family this Thanksgiving (And Year-Round)

As a dog parent, it’s essential to make your dog feel like a part of your family this Thanksgiving (and every day, of course). 

There’s a reason why dogs are known for being man’s best friend, and every pet parent should strive to live up to that expectation. Whether you’re having a small gathering or a virtual celebration this year, be sure to include your dog in on the fun. After all, pets are more than just a source of entertainment, so they deserve the same love and respect we give our family and friends. 

Are you making sure that your dog feels like they’re a part of your family? Keep reading to find out where you and your dog stand. 


1. You and Your Dog Share a Last Name

Does your dog have your last name? Your canine friend is already a part of your family the moment you give them a cute name, but you can go a step further and give them a last name. Yes, you read that right—-pets can have last names. The next time you receive correspondence through the mail from your pet’s veterinarian, check to see if they’ve addressed your pup by their full name!

2. Your Phone is Full of Pictures of You and Your Dog

Admit it: if you were to open your phone’s photo album, it would be full of pictures of your and your fur baby. There’s no shame in it! We’re lucky to be able to document pictures and videos of our dog’s cute reactions to seemingly mundane things. 


3. Your Dog Makes Your Day

If you’re like most people, waking up early in the morning is a difficult task. Luckily, our adorable four-legged friends can help us get out of bed on those cold mornings where we only want to snuggle up. There truly isn’t a better feeling than waking up to the sight of your cute pup next to you—a true ray of sunshine. 

Stay tuned to find out how we can make our dogs feel like an integral part of our families this Thanksgiving and beyond. 


Make Your Dog Feel Included at Dinner Time

Have you synchronized your dog’s dinner time with your family’s bonding time? Sadly, many dogs feel the urge to beg for food under the table, but you can prevent this by feeding them at the same time you’re having a meal. By including your dog, they’ll instinctively feel like they’re a part of pack eating, which will help them get used to a healthy diet so that they don’t have to resort to looking for scraps all the time; this especially rings true during the holiday season. Let your kids know that dogs must stick to a special diet to remain healthy. 


Give Your Dog a Special Dinner on Thanksgiving, Too

Whether you’re putting a turkey in the oven or slicing up some ham, we can confirm that your dog will want in on the action. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can very much have an enjoyable time this Thanksgiving, too, but obviously, they face several more restrictions than their human counterparts. Here’s a list of what your furry friend can and can’t eat this upcoming holiday:



Foods that Are Dog-Safe:

  • Turkey meat (make sure there’s no bone or skin)
  • Plain potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Plain cooked pumpkin
  • Plain peas
  • Apple slices



Foods that You CAN’T Feed Your Dog:

  • Turkey bones
  • Turkey skin
  • Turkey stuffing
  • Turkey gravy
  • Candy and gum
  • Creamed peas
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes and yams that contain added ingredients
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Chocolate desserts
  • Salads with grapes or raisins
  • Scallions
  • Onions

As you can see, the don’ts list is far longer than the dos list, and with good reason. Alternatively, if you want to be even more careful, you can stick to buying your dog their favorite canned foods. Be sure to ask the veterinarian any questions you may have. We also recommend printing out this list or writing it down and keep it on the dinner table so that your guests can also keep your dog safe and happy. 



Yes, How You Position Your Dog’s Bed Matters

Many pet parents make the mistake of placing their dog’s bed near the front door. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, this type of placement can make your pup feel isolated, and at worst, make them consider escaping due to their proximity to the outdoors. If you want them to feel like they’re a part of the family, you’ll need to position their bed where all the action happens, such as the living room. But what if your dog is older and needs some peace and quiet? In this case, it wouldn’t hurt to have two beds for them: one for the living room and another one away from the family so that they can retreat and have some “me” time. 

Above all, we advise you to use your best judgment. If you and your family intend to spend lots of time together this holiday season, just make sure to make your dog feel invited. For instance, you can set their bed in front of the TV during a family movie or throw play toys in their direction during your family get-together. 



Spending Precious Family Time (Which Includes Your Dog)

Although you can lounge around and enjoy a family movie, you should also prioritize your dog’s needs. Besides, doing physical activities can benefit your mental and physical health, as well as your dog’s. Are you and your family planning a fun trip this holiday season? If you’re going somewhere special, make sure that your fur baby can also tag along. Finding dog-friendly accommodations isn’t as challenging as it once was, and you can now rent a log cabin or camping site that welcomes dogs. 



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